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Thailand: Finally reached Bangkok

So I have finally made my virgin visit to the city of Bangkok, in the neighboring country of Thailand. 

This morning, I woke up about 5ish in the morning, and packed all my stuff. Didnt take a shower or anything coz there just wasnt time. By the time I checked out, it was close to 6am.

None of the shops were open, and the food stalls were only preparing their broths for the morning. Oh well.   

Anyways, our hotel, Especen booked a taxi to take us to the airport. Looking at the meter, it ran up to about approximately USD13 anyways. (150,000 VDN ish).

We took a shuttle bus that cost about 30 baht from the airport and dropped us off at Chatuchak Market MRT (?), I think.

To make things short, it would have been easier to have taken a cab straight from the airport to the hotel in the first instance.

This is basically so we can check in sooner and put our luggage at the hotel and not waste time transferring between the different modes of transportations.

The hotel we are staying now is located in Dindaeng, located approximately 5 minutes in walking distance near Thailand Cultural Centre MRT. 5 mins, that is if you know the direction of your hotel and have a map. >_<

                 Civilization at last!!

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