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Maybank: Opening a Maybank2u Savers with High 2.10% Interest Rates.

Even with a sore back that hurts like crazy, and an internet connection and desktop, I can still create financial opportunities without having to go to the bank.

I was reading on free entry to airport lounges (yeah.. yeah, mou liu).. and the author of the website mentioned about Maybank2u Savers account.

It is a cousin of the savers accounts in Australian banks, a Savers account. The difference with this Savers account however is that it does not require a Transaction account as they do in Australia though.

To open this account, you will need to log on to

The minimum deposit to open this account is RM250.00, and the minimum balance to maintain this account is Rm250.00 as well.
- With a deposit of Rm2,000 to RM50,000.00, the Interest Rate is 2.10% p.a
- With a deposit of Rm50,000 onwards, the Interest Rate is 2.30 % p.a
I think it's a pretty good rate, as my money is not locked in like most Fixed Deposits are, and the interest is counted on a daily basis, and credited on a monthly basis.

As I already have a Maybank ATM card, I do not have to apply for a separate one as it is directly linked to my current ATM card.

Withdrawals at counters will be charged at Rm5.00 per transaction, but that won't affect me much as I do not perform over the counter transactions anyways.

For more information on this financial product, do check out their link page here.

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