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Making money work for you

Have you ever read the book 'The Milionaire Next Door'?

I was first introduced to the book by my cousin Jane. Not that we speak much these days. Anyways...

If you havent read the book, here is a Wikipedia link to the basic outline of the contents.

Who exactly do you think are the milionaires out there on the street? Are they the ones driving fast cars, and dining out at fancy restaurants?

Many have said that I am fortunate to have parents who are well off. But it was not always that way. My parents are self starters, and each manage their own individual business. I thank the Lord for blessing my family for providing my parents with the finances
to send my brother to the States, and me to Australia.

God had his own way of substantiating the family finances without my parents having to mortage any of our properties. When my brother was in the States, He blessed my mom with adequate patronage of her school to meet my brother's living expenses. As for me, He blessed my father by allowing him to start new ventures that is still milking the cow from the time I went over to Queensland to further my studies.

So I have to give all glory to God.

Anyways, when I open my Facebook page, its always about buying and buying more stuff, and more promotions. How in the world are gonna be able to save any money at this rate?

Many have commented that coming from a supposedly well to do family, I should be lavish with my spending.

I have one thing to say. Money is money. However the money is not mine. I have to be a good steward of money that doesnt actually belong to me.

So I do calculate a few times before deciding if I really need to buy that certain product or service.

Its either one keeps their money in fixed deposits (which is risk free), or they invest in other ways (properties, starting business, buy and sell stocks). Since I am such a lazy person, I would say keeping money in Fixed Deposits is the easiest and safest way to earn a little money. Maybe buying gold when the price is low, but my patience is low, and that takes at least one year before one can see any profit made. Even that has an element of risk as prices fluctuate at all times.

I think the only way to make money is to just focus and be the best you can in whatever you have been assigned to do. Whether it be writing, managing a school, or some business prospects.

When a business or financial opportunity comes upon you, seize it if you are confident to handle it.

Oh yes, I do enjoy the occasional spending on novelty items. I enjoy going on the occasional holidays, spas and pampering massages, and the facials which I have to be reminded to attend. I also love to eat . . . . .

But otherwise, I will continue to watch my bank account like a hawk.

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