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iPhone 4: My new preloved toy

So recently I was looking for a new phone with my pending trip to Australia. My current iPhone 3 is practical, but the battery life left much to be desired. 

After my facial at Decleor yesterday, I headed to The Gardens to have a look at their Samsung and Apple mobile phone shops.

The newly launched Samsung Quattro with dual sim and flash camera functions retailing for Rm999 caught my attention. 

Then I headed over to the Apple shop next door to have a look at their Mini IPads. It too was retailing for Rm999 for their lowest capacity wifi version.

Anyways my eyes finally settled on the iPhone 5 and 4. It was only then I realized that my father had an old iPhone 4 somewhere. So I picked up my phone and called him. He said it was in his room.... 

Well done, CY. You just saved yourself a couple thousands of bucks. ^^

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