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Different travelling styles and ways of travelling up Europe.

22nd August:
So updating this post, I spoke to an in law cousin of mine who went to Europe in 2012. She spent close to Rm20k touring Europe for about 17 days. 

She first booked a tour from KL to Paris for about Rm8k. This is also inclusive of the Malaysian Airlines flight to Paris, and also includes fees for changing return from London to KL.

On her own she bought the Eurostar train ticket from Paris to London. Her rationale for booking a tour to Europe is due to cultural and language differences, as well as she did not have to arrange anything except to pay money. 

Since UK is an English speaking country (to me it is just a colder version of Australia), getting around was not very difficult. 

She however states that one can spend about 30 pound sterling for meals alone (unless you wanted to live on bread and milk for 21 days). 

Booking a tour sounds more appealing to me at this point of time.

17th August: 
So I just spoke to two different mates who apparently have travelled to Europe before.

First traveller:
On an entirely tight budget, staying at backpackers, eating bread and milk for two whole weeks.

She travelled using the bus, and only train from London to Paris, following after using the bus to Milan, Frankfurt, and Berlin as well as North Ireland.

All this for 14 days with a tight budget of Rm3,000 not including flights. Would be about Rm5.5k including flights. This quote is for four years ago.

The second traveller: spent accumulatively Rm15.5k.

She flew in straight to Amsterdam and had booked a tour with Contiki for Rm5k. The flights would be perhaps Rm2.5k as well, and Europass about Rm2k. The rest to food and lodgings.

This was for a period of 21 days in Europe, at roughly Rm5k a week. Lol. This quote is for 2012.

The rest was spent on food and lodgings. She didnt spend much on souvenirs, just photographs being her only memories.

Anyways, the general consensus is
1) In Europe, travelling via bus takes a couple more hours but is a lot cheaper.

2) It pays to do your research on what you want to do and where you want to go. The sooner you decide, the sooner you can start saving up and banking on discounts coz tickets bought in advance is always cheaper.

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