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Decleor: My first Aromaplasty Facial treatment

About a month ago, I attended a Decleor workshop under The Lilac Box for their Decleor Unboxing Event one Saturday afternoon at the Mid Valley office blocks. 

Anyways, after the  workshop ended and a few days later, one of the therapists called up and made an appointment for me to come in...Lol.

I was basically dragging my feet to go in today to their flagship counter as I was feeling really ill all week due to my back pain. 

As usual, when you enter a face salon for the first time, new clients will be asked to fill in a new customer profile. I just cincai filled it in, and intentionally didn't include my occupation. Basically going through the motions.

Even the skinscope machine showing that my skin was dehydrated wasn't much of a surprise as I had not remembered to apply moisturizer in the last few days. Oh well. 

Almost everything was a blur as I was half asleep.. Can't remember how I managed to even drive myself down to Midvalley. Lol.

The only thing I remembered through the two hour blur with the sleepiness and backpaon was the 10 mins back massage, the hand and shoulder massage. Lol. 

Surprisingly, the therapist ( I believe her name is Alice Wong as the name was printed on my receipt.. ) seemed to have strong hands as the massage she gave me was of the firm type.

I actually felt a lot better after all that hand work. I was surprised as most of the facials I have tried use more of the machines and less of the manual hand kind.

After the facial treatment ended, the post treatment consultation always comes. I looked through the facial treatment menu and surveyed all the types of facials. They all involved some measure of manual hand massage.

The package that was in the file menu:
is 5 Aromaplasty facial treatments
+ 5 Eye Vital+ 5 x twenty mins back massage for Rm1,000. 

One of the others too was the Meridian Face treatment (costing roughly close to Rm400 individually in a package set of three if I am not mistaken). It looked interesting. 

They all looked pretty interesting but I wasn't in the mood to buy anything. In the end she gave me another quote being the: 
3 x Aroma Massage Essential Facial + 3 x Eye Vital for Rm399. (works out to Rm133 per facial).

The therapist told me I can add on additional credits if I would like to convert it to another type of facial when I come in for my next appointment. Which sounded good to me.

I ended paying Rm399 + Rm98: Rm497. I used my Maybank Amex2 to pay as that gives me 5x points during the weekend. Woo hoo!

I am actually intrigued by the use of manual hand work for facials as I know Sothys charges close to Rm400 ish for their specialized Digi-Esthetique pressure point massage technique for their face treatments at their flagship salons, and I have tried a number of them.

Some other interesting events in the same day at Mid Valley....

The attendant at Harvey Norman made me a nice hot drink when I was making small talk to him about the coffee machines ^^ 

Minion soft toys on sale up to 30% on the LG floor.

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