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CIMB: Gold Buy Back price rate at Rm147.00 today

So it's been about four months since I started my casual posts on the topic of gold prices. 

The gold price has risen steadily since it last fell in the month of May this year to bank selling price as low as Rm133/gram. 

Now is no longer the time to buy gold but to wait till the price peaks and sell it. Hopefully it goes up to Rm170/gram, then I can make enough to fund my pending trip to Europe next year. Lol. 

The selling price for gold today as at 10 am today was Rm152.20/gram. 
The buy back price rate was Rm147.00/gram.

I would say it is all about luck and timing. With Fixed Deposits giving a rate back of only 3% p.a for up to 6 months, it is the easiest risk free investment for most people. 

However gold trading can make more ROI by at least 10 x if you can manage to buy when prices are low, and sell when high. 

Your only job is to keep vigilant on market trends and sign up for gold price subscriptions from CIMB (shameless free advertising for CIMB... They should pay me for this).

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