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Boarding AirAsia for Hanoi

This is my last post before I board the plane to Hanoi. Now currently waiting at the LCCT departure hall, after passing through immigration at Gate Y1.

The lines were long, and it took a while to get through.

Today I had spent an entire day out on a field trip with 120 kids at Kidzania, near the Curve. Its basically like a huge children's theme park except thay yhey get to earn 'money' by doing little odd jobs here and there.

The money earned allows them to exchange for little toys and knick knacks within specially allocated Kidzania shops for this purpose.

The field trip took up an entire afternoon, with me reaching home about 4pm ish.

I scurried off to pack my luggage with essentials needed for my nine day travel to Hanoi and Bangkok.

Actually I realised I didnt bring enough clothes, but I figured I could get more on the way if I needed to as clothes are super cheap in Bangkok. Not too sure about Hanoi though.

Anyways, the biggest suprise tonight was realising that there actually is no 24 hour buses to LCCT leaving from Sentral after midnight.

My travel buddy, Za Yin and I ended up staying up to Saturday 03:15 hours, after arriving there at 23:30 on a Friday night.

Our departure gate was Y1 which took an enormously long time to get through the Customs as there was a long queue waiting.

Ok, flight is about to take off, so goodbye for now, my dear readers!

Till next week!

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