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A sketchy London-Europe-Siberia-Manchuria train trek route plan.

So I have barely recovered from my last trip and I am planning for the next? Lol, I am insane like that ^^

Its always better to research and find out more before deciding if the journey is worth the trip in the early stages than to wait till the last minute.

Here is a possible sketchy plan of travelling from London down to Europe taking the train.

1) Take a plane to London.
A check on MAS reveals it costs roughly RM1.9k ish one way. Other sites estimate the flight to Manchester as a few hundreds RM more, and not that many flights to Liverpool.

For me i would head to Manchaster by train as I have a friend who lives there.
- A train ride to Manchester would be about 3.5 hours costing roughly less than 45 GBP for round tickets if booked in advance.
- A bus ride would be about 5.5 hours ish one way but maybe costing less than 15 GBP for two single tickets if booked max 4 months in advance.

2) Then head back to London, and then take the EuroStar train to Europe stopping perhaps at Paris, Berlin, and Moscow.

3) Next, transferring to the Trans Siberia rail (no idea where its stops are)

4) Finally, transfer over to Trans Manchuria rail and end in Beijing.

5) In Beijing, one can probably continue travelling by train (if you havent gone train sick by then), and then fly home via Air Asia.. Lol

This route would need application of Visas for Russia and China.

Last checked, the Russian visa is about Rm125 ish, and agency porter charges of Rm40.

The China visa costs up to Rm200 ish for unlimited two year multiple entries into the country.

I just heard recently that train travel costs a lot more money than bus travel, but is a lot faster. This route is viable but really depends on the traveller's preferences and where they want to travel more to. 

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