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TABLEAPP: Step By Step to grab deals for your birthday party

Thinking of entertaining your friends, having a party, or preparing for a dining out in the city with your friends?

Here is an app that could give you assistance in your task.

The TABLEAPP Birthday Dining App which was released not too long ago, 
would help you get more familiar with how to grab deals for your birthday party.

Step 1: Import your friend list 

To import your facebook friend list to our app. Firstly, you can do it on the introduction page when you just installed and open the app for the first time 
(Refer to image on the left). 

If you missed out on this, don't worry you could still import your face book  friends here on the third tab with a human icon(Refer to image on the right). 

After importing your Facebook friend list, your available upcoming friends birthday
will now appear on the Birthday Dining App.

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Thailand: Pictures of Siam Paragon!

Jackie Chan's hand size... Big
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Vietnam: Breathtaking pictures of Ha Long Bay.

Regardless of what my sentiments of the tour operators in Hanoi are, there is a reason why so many yet still flock to this mystical Ha Long Bay...

Breathtaking views of the bays..

Doesn't this just remind you of Lord of the The Rings?

Pearls and knick knacks sold aboard the ship...

Pearls still in their shells...

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Lyrics: When you cant trace His Hand, Trust His Heart


Lyrics: When you cant trace His Hand, Trust His Heart

All things work for our good
Though sometimes we don't
See how they could
Struggles that break our hearts in
Sometimes blind us to the truth

Our Father knows what's best for
His ways are not our own
So when your pathway grows dim
And you just don't see him,
Remember you're never alone

God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when you don't understand
When don't see his plan
When you can't trace his hand
Trust His Heart

He sees the master plan
He holds the future in his hand,
So don't live as those who have no
ALL our hope is found in him.
We see the present clearly
He sees the first and last
And like a tapestry He's weaving
you and me,
To someday be just like him


He alone is faithful and true
He alone knows what is best for


When you can't trace his hand
When you don't see his plan
When you don't understand
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Vietnam: Other sights and sounds, and a new French mate!

So here are more pictures of our trip to Hanoi recently..

Our new French friend of Vietnamese ancestry.. yeap, and he speaks French,of course!
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CIMB: Gold Buy Back price rate at Rm147.00 today


CIMB: Gold Buy Back price rate at Rm147.00 today

So it's been about four months since I started my casual posts on the topic of gold prices. 

The gold price has risen steadily since it last fell in the month of May this year to bank selling price as low as Rm133/gram. 

Now is no longer the time to buy gold but to wait till the price peaks and sell it. Hopefully it goes up to Rm170/gram, then I can make enough to fund my pending trip to Europe next year. Lol. 

The selling price for gold today as at 10 am today was Rm152.20/gram. 
The buy back price rate was Rm147.00/gram.

I would say it is all about luck and timing. With Fixed Deposits giving a rate back of only 3% p.a for up to 6 months, it is the easiest risk free investment for most people. 

However gold trading can make more ROI by at least 10 x if you can manage to buy when prices are low, and sell when high. 

Your only job is to keep vigilant on market trends and sign up for gold price subscriptions from CIMB (shameless free advertising for CIMB... They should pay me for this).
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Alliance Bank: Hybrid Platinum MasterCard Debit

So recently I decided to make a little better use of my money in the bank. As I mentioned sometime ago in one of my Facebook updates, Make Money Work For You, Not the Other Way Around, I thought that was one way of how we should manage our money. 

I have been a faithful customer of Maybank all this while, but sadly they do not offer much incentives for people who do keep their savings in their bank. Much less a cash rebate incentive when using their Maybank Platinum MasterCard Debit.
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Box Culture: Cosmobox July 2013 edition

So this is a belated post on this July edition of the Cosmo Box themed Liselle .

I received this after my trip to Hanoi, so I didn't really get to use any of the lovely stuff in it.Anyways, the pictures taken are crappy coz I was really lazy and decided to take the pictures using the Iphone 4 to blog. >_< 

So what goodies behold? Just scroll down further...

Sachet samples from Nuxe: 
Nuxe Brightening Cleansing Foam, Extreme Lotion, Cleansing Foam, Concentrated Serum, Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil (all not pictured). There is also the deluxe sample tube of the Brightening BB Cream (15 ml). 

From Aveda:
There are sample tubes for Be Curly Shampoo (50ml), Conditioner, and Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair.

Last, there is a copy of the Worthy Book, with discount vouchers targeted for lady users, and a set of toe separators.

I find that I don't have much use for most of the vouchers, as they don't really appeal much to my interests. 
Hence, I have mostly given the vouchers away to my mates (surprisingly who are my male colleagues.. LOL). 

The only vouchers I look forward to using is the De Cleor RM100 discount voucher for face treatments

(I hope I can use it even though I already bought a facial package with them) since I already utilized the first time customer Rm98 first trial Aromaplasty facial voucher (which I got from the Lilac Box workshop recently).

The Box Culture: Cosmobox currently has three options of 3 months, 6 months, and nine months subscriptions. The first option of three months is retailing for RM99 for three boxes. 

For more information, check out their website


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iPhone 4: My new preloved toy

So recently I was looking for a new phone with my pending trip to Australia. My current iPhone 3 is practical, but the battery life left much to be desired. 
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Decleor: My first Aromaplasty Facial treatment

About a month ago, I attended a Decleor workshop under The Lilac Box for their Decleor Unboxing Event one Saturday afternoon at the Mid Valley office blocks. 
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Journal: When God closes the door, He opens a window.


Journal: When God closes the door, He opens a window.

As I write this, I am actually laying on my bed after having done the dinner dishes.

Tonight I am not out at my weekly Cell Group with the other members as I dont feel physically well enough to be driving around the streets on my own.

After my trip to Bangkok, I had a massive sore back after taking the bus from Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur.

Now I dont know what happened, but it seemed that the bus ride triggered my body to experience a massive sore back for the last two weeks.

This isnt the first time this has happened with the sore backs. The first time it happened in April this year, I went for tit tar. However this second time around, I decided not to head to the tit tar si fu.

The services of the tit tar si fu doesnt come cheap either. One appointment with him for less than ten mins and some herbal concoction costs Rm100 in consultation fees.

I could barely get up from bed in this last week, and it was only in the last two days that I didnt need to hold myself to the support of the chair to push myself out of bed.

I have to miss out on any forms of swimming, running, jumping and physical activities till my back is better.

The only thing on my mind now is: I am so thankful to God that I am still alive. Which leads us to the topic of my entry today.

Sometimes there are things that happen in our lives. . . It may take a while for us to eventually reach that place. Perhaps God knew I needed a nasty nudge to get me to stop playing in the miry quicksand and slowly trudge along to safety.

Much has happened in the last two years. Some of the persons whom I used to correspond with the last six years didnt make it through to this year.

Making new friends and knowing when to step away is necessary to keep one's mind sane. and yet again, sometimes its our new friends that keep us sane in our times of need.

Whatever that happens, I will continue to give praise to the Lord for all things that have, and will happen. I will never know what plans He has in mind for me, but I am sure it is definitely much better than what I can plan for myself. Amen.
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Making money work for you


Making money work for you

Have you ever read the book 'The Milionaire Next Door'?

I was first introduced to the book by my cousin Jane. Not that we speak much these days. Anyways...

If you havent read the book, here is a Wikipedia link to the basic outline of the contents.

Who exactly do you think are the milionaires out there on the street? Are they the ones driving fast cars, and dining out at fancy restaurants?

Many have said that I am fortunate to have parents who are well off. But it was not always that way. My parents are self starters, and each manage their own individual business. I thank the Lord for blessing my family for providing my parents with the finances
to send my brother to the States, and me to Australia.

God had his own way of substantiating the family finances without my parents having to mortage any of our properties. When my brother was in the States, He blessed my mom with adequate patronage of her school to meet my brother's living expenses. As for me, He blessed my father by allowing him to start new ventures that is still milking the cow from the time I went over to Queensland to further my studies.

So I have to give all glory to God.

Anyways, when I open my Facebook page, its always about buying and buying more stuff, and more promotions. How in the world are gonna be able to save any money at this rate?

Many have commented that coming from a supposedly well to do family, I should be lavish with my spending.

I have one thing to say. Money is money. However the money is not mine. I have to be a good steward of money that doesnt actually belong to me.

So I do calculate a few times before deciding if I really need to buy that certain product or service.

Its either one keeps their money in fixed deposits (which is risk free), or they invest in other ways (properties, starting business, buy and sell stocks). Since I am such a lazy person, I would say keeping money in Fixed Deposits is the easiest and safest way to earn a little money. Maybe buying gold when the price is low, but my patience is low, and that takes at least one year before one can see any profit made. Even that has an element of risk as prices fluctuate at all times.

I think the only way to make money is to just focus and be the best you can in whatever you have been assigned to do. Whether it be writing, managing a school, or some business prospects.

When a business or financial opportunity comes upon you, seize it if you are confident to handle it.

Oh yes, I do enjoy the occasional spending on novelty items. I enjoy going on the occasional holidays, spas and pampering massages, and the facials which I have to be reminded to attend. I also love to eat . . . . .

But otherwise, I will continue to watch my bank account like a hawk.
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Maybank: Opening a Maybank2u Savers with High 2.10% Interest Rates.


Maybank: Opening a Maybank2u Savers with High 2.10% Interest Rates.

Even with a sore back that hurts like crazy, and an internet connection and desktop, I can still create financial opportunities without having to go to the bank.

I was reading on free entry to airport lounges (yeah.. yeah, mou liu).. and the author of the website mentioned about Maybank2u Savers account.

It is a cousin of the savers accounts in Australian banks, a Savers account. The difference with this Savers account however is that it does not require a Transaction account as they do in Australia though.

To open this account, you will need to log on to

The minimum deposit to open this account is RM250.00, and the minimum balance to maintain this account is Rm250.00 as well.
- With a deposit of Rm2,000 to RM50,000.00, the Interest Rate is 2.10% p.a
- With a deposit of Rm50,000 onwards, the Interest Rate is 2.30 % p.a
I think it's a pretty good rate, as my money is not locked in like most Fixed Deposits are, and the interest is counted on a daily basis, and credited on a monthly basis.

As I already have a Maybank ATM card, I do not have to apply for a separate one as it is directly linked to my current ATM card.

Withdrawals at counters will be charged at Rm5.00 per transaction, but that won't affect me much as I do not perform over the counter transactions anyways.

For more information on this financial product, do check out their link page here.
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Travels: Whether to backpack, or grab a tour.


Travels: Whether to backpack, or grab a tour.

During my second trip to South Korea, I booked a tour with Apple Holiday from KL. Granted, Apple Holiday isnt exactly one of the cheapest tour operators.
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Travels: Tour rates for Europe and Asia winter

So I decided to check out rates for group and ground tours for winter in Europe. These are snapshots of group rates for the upcoming months in winter taken from The Star paper today (20th August 2013).

I am told rates will normally be lower in winter except for those dates near to Christmas and New Year's Eve
Parlo Tours
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Vietnam: Inside the caves of Ha Long Bay

The breathtaking view of sunlight coming into a cave.
No camera trick can fake this.....
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How to find a suitable Travel Buddy

How to find a suitable Travel Buddy

So I just did some reading on the world wide web.

Not all friends make good travel buddies. They may be good for the short distance holiday, meet up for a drink type but not the kind you will be suitable to spend 24/7 hours with on 14 day basis.

The best ones are the ones
- with shared interests,
- able to take on and share the responsibilities of planning and researching,
- willing to put aside differences to communicate when issues arises, i.e what we could do when we get lost, or when we both want to do different things,
- and in my case, able to travel separately and do their own thing (i.e, have breakfast, etc) without sticking to me at the hip.

Here are some links of interest:



Travel Savvy Sam:

Solo Friendly:

Ferocia Fatale:
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Different travelling styles and ways of travelling up Europe.


Different travelling styles and ways of travelling up Europe.

22nd August:
So updating this post, I spoke to an in law cousin of mine who went to Europe in 2012. She spent close to Rm20k touring Europe for about 17 days. 

She first booked a tour from KL to Paris for about Rm8k. This is also inclusive of the Malaysian Airlines flight to Paris, and also includes fees for changing return from London to KL.

On her own she bought the Eurostar train ticket from Paris to London. Her rationale for booking a tour to Europe is due to cultural and language differences, as well as she did not have to arrange anything except to pay money. 

Since UK is an English speaking country (to me it is just a colder version of Australia), getting around was not very difficult. 

She however states that one can spend about 30 pound sterling for meals alone (unless you wanted to live on bread and milk for 21 days). 

Booking a tour sounds more appealing to me at this point of time.

17th August: 
So I just spoke to two different mates who apparently have travelled to Europe before.

First traveller:
On an entirely tight budget, staying at backpackers, eating bread and milk for two whole weeks.

She travelled using the bus, and only train from London to Paris, following after using the bus to Milan, Frankfurt, and Berlin as well as North Ireland.

All this for 14 days with a tight budget of Rm3,000 not including flights. Would be about Rm5.5k including flights. This quote is for four years ago.

The second traveller: spent accumulatively Rm15.5k.

She flew in straight to Amsterdam and had booked a tour with Contiki for Rm5k. The flights would be perhaps Rm2.5k as well, and Europass about Rm2k. The rest to food and lodgings.

This was for a period of 21 days in Europe, at roughly Rm5k a week. Lol. This quote is for 2012.

The rest was spent on food and lodgings. She didnt spend much on souvenirs, just photographs being her only memories.

Anyways, the general consensus is
1) In Europe, travelling via bus takes a couple more hours but is a lot cheaper.

2) It pays to do your research on what you want to do and where you want to go. The sooner you decide, the sooner you can start saving up and banking on discounts coz tickets bought in advance is always cheaper.
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A sketchy London-Europe-Siberia-Manchuria train trek route plan.


A sketchy London-Europe-Siberia-Manchuria train trek route plan.

So I have barely recovered from my last trip and I am planning for the next? Lol, I am insane like that ^^

Its always better to research and find out more before deciding if the journey is worth the trip in the early stages than to wait till the last minute.

Here is a possible sketchy plan of travelling from London down to Europe taking the train.

1) Take a plane to London.
A check on MAS reveals it costs roughly RM1.9k ish one way. Other sites estimate the flight to Manchester as a few hundreds RM more, and not that many flights to Liverpool.

For me i would head to Manchaster by train as I have a friend who lives there.
- A train ride to Manchester would be about 3.5 hours costing roughly less than 45 GBP for round tickets if booked in advance.
- A bus ride would be about 5.5 hours ish one way but maybe costing less than 15 GBP for two single tickets if booked max 4 months in advance.

2) Then head back to London, and then take the EuroStar train to Europe stopping perhaps at Paris, Berlin, and Moscow.

3) Next, transferring to the Trans Siberia rail (no idea where its stops are)

4) Finally, transfer over to Trans Manchuria rail and end in Beijing.

5) In Beijing, one can probably continue travelling by train (if you havent gone train sick by then), and then fly home via Air Asia.. Lol

This route would need application of Visas for Russia and China.

Last checked, the Russian visa is about Rm125 ish, and agency porter charges of Rm40.

The China visa costs up to Rm200 ish for unlimited two year multiple entries into the country.

I just heard recently that train travel costs a lot more money than bus travel, but is a lot faster. This route is viable but really depends on the traveller's preferences and where they want to travel more to. 
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7 things I have learnt from my travels.


7 things I have learnt from my travels.

There are things that one learn about themselves or society as a whole whether they travel solo or when with a travel buddy.

1. Always bring more money than you expect to spend and make sure you have spare cash with you till you have finally exited the country.

I observed some of my travel buddies have a really bad habit of bringing inadequate amounts of money, whether it is currency from their home/departure country or the destination they are at. 

Hello, just because you think you bring less, you will spend less. In my experiences, I have mates who had to keep borrowing money from me because they brought too little. 

2. Keep spare cash till you have exited the country. 

In my most recent experience, my travel buddy kept borrowing money from me and paying me back in Ringgit because she had used hers up shopping in Thailand. However, we were taking the train back and had to pay in baht for the food. 

She may not always be so lucky all the time to have someone to have spare change to rely on all the time. Just be aware of this when you go traveling. 

Also remember to bring a credit or debit card to use when possible so you don't have to keep exchanging money. 

3. Keep the amount of cosmetics you need to a minimal. When I travel, I bring only my skin care products. My only cosmetics are a tinted suncream. To me having a clean face before sleeping is essential. The rest doesn't matter. 

There really isn't any need to lug around bags of cosmetics because you will need to clean up the junk after.
Seriously, you are backpacking, not attending some grand prom. 

4. Bring just enough clothes that you need. Really, how many pairs of shoes do you need? 
Did you really need that extra 5 dresses? Did you really need to bring that hair curler?

Bring something that is versatile and can be paired easily with other clothes. 

My favorite is getting a pair of black shorts since it matches everything. 

Is it cheap to get new clothes at your destination? If its a place like Thailand, where clothes are good and cheap, its fine to go there even with an almost empty luggage bag.

If not, just bring enough and wash your dirty laundry in the bathroom. If washing laundry is cheap and facilities are available, use those. You don't want to be lugging around 15 kilos of luggage everywhere would you?

5. Learn to communicate and solve problems with your travel buddy before they occur. 

When you travel with mates over a period of time, they will be displaying behavior they normally don't as no one can be putting on a mask two or three weeks in a row. Your travel buddy will be with you at least 20 hours of the time each day.

It is very draining and exhausting to travel with someone who constantly whines and complains about everything during the travel. It basically sucks the energy off you.
Also, during long travels, be aware that you may pick up bad habits or speech pattern off your travel buddy due to acclimatization.

When this happens, you need to be assertive and communicate with the other person that their behavior is affecting you and is not acceptable. 

In a foreign country, you need to try as best to communicate with others where you are going as your phones may not work or international roaming may not be available. Do not throw a tantrum, and walk off on your own. 

In my case, my travel buddy walked off on her own and I lost her because she decided to run off ahead of me and buy something without actually letting know where it was. Fortunately I knew how to get back to the hotel I was staying at using the public transportation. 

I could not find her and decided not to wait (nor knowing where she was) and decided to let her simmer in her own steam.
She gave me a sheepish look when she found her way back to the hotel.

6. Try to take some time off during your travel to have some 'alone' time from your travel buddies. 

I am a person who needs 'alone' time to think and be on my own. Although I do enjoy the company of others, I would enjoy their company better if they were not constantly in my face. 

My own time could be taking a few hours out to read a book, write a note on my blog, talk to new friends, or just be on my own world walking around the hostel seeing new things around me.

7. If possible, try to get more than 1 travel buddy when traveling for more than a week. 

That way you can share face time between a few friends and not constantly just focusing your energies with one. They can also take turns to look after your luggage. There is also safety in numbers especially more so for female travellers.
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Thailand is progressing faster than Malaysia

Thailand is progressing faster than Malaysia

It is interesting to see what Thailand has become. 

When I was changing money at the exchange bureau on Saturday morning, I realized that the exchange rate for Ringgit has dropped tremendously... And that is against the Thai baht. 

Malaysia ringgit is now approx Rm1.00 to Thai Baht 0.91.

This is an extremely terribly low rate considering that prices of similar items are almost dollar to dollar. 

Considering that most of the people in Thailand can't even string a proper sentence in English, nor even spell in the English alphabet, it is a shocking revelation to the state of what is happening in Malaysia. 

Monday was the birthday of the Queen of Thailand. In front of every shopping mall, financial establishment and even hotels, you can find a portrait of the Queen. It seems the people of Thailand really revere and love their royal family. 

Do we have the same thing happening in Malaysia? How many of you guys even know who the King or Queen of Malaysia is? 

What is it about the governance in Thailand that makes the citizen love and revere their royal family so much? 

I used to have the perception that people from Thailand who came to Malaysia to work would be poor. 

But considering how the currency of Baht can now stand on its own feet, shows that they are finally catching up with Malaysia...

If our government continues to slack with all the nonsensical drama i.e arresting muslims who look after dogs, Muslims who participate in beauty pageants, etc instead of focusing on transparency in the government system I.e ensuring the rakyat get their monies off EPF efficiently, transparency in the electoral roll, no blackouts and magic shows during elections, perhaps the rakyat will have more confidence in the current Barisan Government. 

I certainly don't and am not very amused. 

For all you know, at the rate our economy is deteriorating, it might be Malaysians who may end up working as domestic maids in Thailand, or moving there in the not too very far future. 
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Malaysia: Boarding Bus from Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur

So after alighting from the train in Butterworth, we were deciding if to take the train or bus back to KL.
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Thailand: Boarding train from Bangkok to Butterworth

This is the hotel we stayed at, the Prom Rarchada. Prices start from 1090 baht per night. I managed to get a Superior Room with breakfast at 1290baht due to some technicalities...
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Thailand: Damnoen Sadeuk Floating Market

This morning we headed to the must visit Damneon Floating Market. Yes, all the touristy stuff. Our tour cost us 800 baht per person booking it from the hotel that we were staying at.

Taking Huai Bin's advice, we did just that and forwent trying to catch a taxi to the floating market.



Thailand: Magnum Cafe at Siam Paragon, Bangkok

So we finally made our way to Siam Paragon and had ice cream at Magnum Cafe. 

We ordered two main dishes (a pad thai and some sort of spaghetti olo thai style, a Blue Royale (Blueberry smoothie of some sort, and two Ice Magnum for 80 baht each.) 

Total cost was 671 baht (equivalent to RM68).

It was an interesting experience, but not too keen to repeat in future.Will put up more pictures later!


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Thailand: Finally reached Bangkok

So I have finally made my virgin visit to the city of Bangkok, in the neighboring country of Thailand. 

This morning, I woke up about 5ish in the morning, and packed all my stuff. Didnt take a shower or anything coz there just wasnt time. By the time I checked out, it was close to 6am.

None of the shops were open, and the food stalls were only preparing their broths for the morning. Oh well.   

Anyways, our hotel, Especen booked a taxi to take us to the airport. Looking at the meter, it ran up to about approximately USD13 anyways. (150,000 VDN ish).

We took a shuttle bus that cost about 30 baht from the airport and dropped us off at Chatuchak Market MRT (?), I think.

To make things short, it would have been easier to have taken a cab straight from the airport to the hotel in the first instance.

This is basically so we can check in sooner and put our luggage at the hotel and not waste time transferring between the different modes of transportations.

The hotel we are staying now is located in Dindaeng, located approximately 5 minutes in walking distance near Thailand Cultural Centre MRT. 5 mins, that is if you know the direction of your hotel and have a map. >_<

                 Civilization at last!!

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Vietnam: Leaving Cat Ba island for Hanoi.

The only thing that made our day are the mates we made during the tour. Here are some snapshots of our tour. 

Our French speaking friend of Vietnamese origin, Tuan Thong. 
Yes, he speaks French! and he's on my Facebook ... 
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Vietnam: Day 3 off to Ha Long Bay.

This morning we are off to Ha Long Bay.

In the morning, we hopped off for some breakfast for 30K VDN. Its the same noodle soup we had yesterday, the vermicelli sour crab soup.
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Vietnam: Second Day in Hanoi

So this is our second day in Hanoi. We ordered the breakfast set from the motel we were staying for USD3.
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Vietnam: First night in Old Quarter, Hanoi

12:51 hours

Hi readers!! I have already arrived safely in Hanoi. Currently staying in one of the hotels located in the Old Quarter in Hanoi.

Apparently for Malaysian passport holders, we don't need a visa to enter the country. On my passport, my inked visa stamp informs me that I am allowed to stay for about a month's time. Not that I want to stay in Hanoi for that long anyways....

Anyways, it took a while for my luggage to arrive at the bag carousel so I was a little worried that it won't arrive,  but it finally did. 

There was a little mishap, and I actually booked the wrong dates for the hotel... (LOL). Fortunately the administrator managed to find a room in the same hotel.

The room rates I am currently paying is USD15 (first night a Queen size room), USD20 (second night) and USD23 (family room). Our private car fare from the airport was USD15 as charged by the hotel. When we asked around at the airport the quote given by one of the agents was USD30, which was a bit preposterously expensive.

Breakfast is at USD3 which includes a main meal, a dessert and a hot drink.

22:07 hours
So it was torrential  rain from the moment before we even touched down. Our luggage bags were actually wet when I retrieved them from the bag carousel.

Anyways, I am going for a tour tomorrow in the city that cost USD18. I actually bought a ticket for a Water Puppet for 5 USD (100,000 VDN) but I think that's going to burn because it clashes with the tour tomorrow.

Yeah, I bought it first.. nevermind to make a long story short.

The food here so far hasn't been exactly all that cheap as you would think. its about USD1 to about 21,000VDN. A meal cost about 30-35,000VDN which makes it about USD1.50 (RM5 ish). So I think the price is close to Malaysian standards anyways.

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Boarding AirAsia for Hanoi

Boarding AirAsia for Hanoi

This is my last post before I board the plane to Hanoi. Now currently waiting at the LCCT departure hall, after passing through immigration at Gate Y1.

The lines were long, and it took a while to get through.

Today I had spent an entire day out on a field trip with 120 kids at Kidzania, near the Curve. Its basically like a huge children's theme park except thay yhey get to earn 'money' by doing little odd jobs here and there.

The money earned allows them to exchange for little toys and knick knacks within specially allocated Kidzania shops for this purpose.

The field trip took up an entire afternoon, with me reaching home about 4pm ish.

I scurried off to pack my luggage with essentials needed for my nine day travel to Hanoi and Bangkok.

Actually I realised I didnt bring enough clothes, but I figured I could get more on the way if I needed to as clothes are super cheap in Bangkok. Not too sure about Hanoi though.

Anyways, the biggest suprise tonight was realising that there actually is no 24 hour buses to LCCT leaving from Sentral after midnight.

My travel buddy, Za Yin and I ended up staying up to Saturday 03:15 hours, after arriving there at 23:30 on a Friday night.

Our departure gate was Y1 which took an enormously long time to get through the Customs as there was a long queue waiting.

Ok, flight is about to take off, so goodbye for now, my dear readers!

Till next week!
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My week so far, with Australian Sothys and Jurlique promotions.

Its been a busy last two weeks. Couldnt really find the time to write anything of interest.

My last week has been occupied with work, Candy Crush, planning for my trip to Vietnam and Bangkok, and now for my trip to Australia.

I will be heading to Vietnam and Bangkok with a mate, and for my Australian trip, it is a solo trip. As far as I am concerned, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are the safest countries I have been to so far.

Its been close to two years since I left Sydney, and I want to visit my mates there. My main reason for visiting is just merely that.

Yes, and I finally succumbed to the Candy Crush fever! Lol. I am now at the Mystery Level of 33 or 35. Can remember which.

Yesterday afternoon was my maiden trip to Sothys office in Publika Level U6.
It was actually a collaboration between The Lilac Box and Sothys to hold the Pyjamas Party for Lilac Box subscribers.

There was some 'specials' on sale yesterday. However after looking at the prices, I realised that it wasnt any different from the ones at the salons. So I didnt bother even though we had a RM50 voucher that came with our door gift. ^^

I seriously think Sothys should target the segment of the market involving ladies from the older class market as they are able to afford more and they have more spending power!

Speaking of Sothys, there is actually this Hydra Advance set that I wanted to get, retailing for Rm320 in Malaysia available at the facial salon I normally frequent in Scotts Garden. It consists of a Hydra Advance Mask and their Hydra Advance 50ml hydrating night cream.

I actually saw the same set (pictured above)available as a Winter Special set in Australia for 90AUD. After conversion, it sells at about Rm270. Since I am not in a hurry to get it, I can wait till I am in Sydney to get my supplies as I dont want to lug stuff all around Australia when I am on a tour. Lol.

I am also thinking of replenishing my Jurlique haul  in MYERS when I head down there... yes, Jurlique can be quite cheap in Australia when you buy at the right time!

Jurlique  Purchase!

My purchases at MYERS previously... for only RM300 ish....
Face Balancing Oil  + Balancing Cleansing Oil

Jurlique GWP

GWP 40ml products Purely Age Defying Night Lotion + Eye Makeup Remover+ Daily Exfoliating Cream.

Imagine paying only RM300 ish for 5 full size Jurlique products. Now that's what I call cheap. Check this link to find out more! Jurlique has this promotion from time to time even now, so its worth a go.
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