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Weight Loss Report: Using USANA supplements.

My new supplements...
So I finally broke my own weight loss plateau again after this...
But this time apart from watching my portions, I have added some supplements into my diet.

Today I did an hour of speed training and circuit training, which was then followed by one hour of swimming lesson.

Yes, I cant swim. Surprised?? haha.

In the past week, I have been busy with taking my korean friend, Sunny out, so I have not really been watching my weight as carefully.

However I did start taking:

1) Usana Digestive Enzymes for about 1 tab x 16 days (since about 4th July or earlier. Cant remember), but I skipped taking it in the last two days though (as I wanted to give my body a break from taking any supplements).

Its supposed to be taken before meals, and also can be taken if have taken a heavy meal as well.

2) Usana Probiotics (only two sachets).

3) Blackmores- Milk Thistle. (I did take it 1 tab x 7 mornings, but stopped after Wednesday last week). Its supposed to be taken three times a day before meals, but I only took it once every morning for 7 days.

When I went for my weight measurement today, I was surprised by the weigh in records! My trainers were more excited than I was coz my weigh ins always seemed very reluctant to go down... LOL.

Today's weigh-in is the lowest record so far. Considering I have been taking more rice but in fist portions, I guess the only difference is the Usana Digestive Enzymes which I have been taking consistently for the past two weeks.

The Digestive Enzymes actually caused me to fart more the first few days (yes, fart!), and head to the toilet more (big business). I have to deduce that it actually is doing its job, and I am glad it is doing its work.

The enzymes seems to be helping my digestion, but in a gentle and mild way. Which is good. Didn't have tummy burns, or indigestion.

It does seem that they do work for me. I did read some good reviews on Usana supplements done by independent research testers in the links below for supplements found in the continents of North America, and Australasia.

Now I have to start asking my Usana supplier what other supplements she could get for me which are on promotion. Hahaha.

And if you are wondering, I am not a member of Usana.

My weigh in as follows:

23.6.2013 (my weight loss dropped)
Body Weight: 66.6kg
BMI: 26.0kg/m2
Fat Range: 38.1%
Muscle Mass: 38.7

30.6.2013 (then fluctuated up again)
Body Weight: 67.2 kg
BMI: 26.2 kg/m2
Fat Range: 38.5%
Muscle Mass 38.9 kg

(this is the lowest so terms of Fat Range compared to all three weigh-ins. My instructors only looked at that.)

Body Weight: 66.3 kg
BMI: 25.9kg/m2
Fat Range: 37.8%
Muscle Mass: 38.9 kg

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Usana Malaysia said...

Thanks for posting. I found your personal information on the digestive enzymes useful. My wife is a member of Usana and it has helped her with 'gas' problem.

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