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The Difference between BB, CC and DD cream.

Its interesting what Yahoo Malaysia comes up with in its Bahasa Malaysia articles.

The latest invention to come out after the BB cream now is the DD cream.

Want to find out more what it is? Read on....
 Yahoo Malaysia in its latest article in this one explains the difference between the trend of the three different types of creams that originated from South Korea.

Missha BB Cream samples 
Blemish Balm (BB):
functions like the basic makeup but containing SPF and antioxidants.

Its texture is lighter than the normal powders but richer than normal moisturisers.

Colour Correcting (CC): 
it is able to create a even coverage and is suitable for ladies with reddish skin, uneven skin tones or pale looking skin.

This cream is lighter than BB creams causing skin to look fairer and clearer upon application. This cream focuses more on providing solutions to skin with blemishes. Its cream is lighter, hence causing the complexion to look fair and clearer upon application.

Daily Defense (DD):

Is a combination of BB and CC cream in one. Industry analysts predict that this product will not only be applied on just the face, but on the body and feet as well.

This cream is rich in moisture and acts as an extra moisturiser on the body.

I don't think the DD cream has reached the Malaysian shores, as we have only just started to hear about CC cream at this point of time. But soon.. perhaps. soon.

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