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Sunny: Taking my Korean Visitor around Kuala Lumpur.

Sunny at base of KLCC Twin Towers.
About a fortnight ago, my korean friend, Sunny made a visit to Kuala Lumpur whilst on transit to Sydney.
She is one of my churchmates from Hope Sydney whom I met about 5 years ago. As she just travelled from a few different countries before this, Sunny wanted a more leisurely visit this time.

1st Day: (6th July 2013) 
Sunny arrives at KL Sentral by train.... and I picked her up. Almost had a heart attack as I was driving alone, and I could not get her on the phone..

Tonight we head over to the pasar malam (night market) in Happy Garden which opens every Saturday. I see familiar faces from the same guys who open stalls at the Thursday night market.

We tried asam laksa, chao kway teow, keropok ikan, coconut water, and apom (one with filling, one without filling).

Sunday: 2nd day: 
In the morning we went to FGA 7.30am service.

After service we had light dim sum morning tea nearby. Then went for one hour body massage at Ancient Thai, Scotts Garden. The off peak prices is (Rm58).

We then went to KLCC, and walked to Pavilion KL via the air conditioned pedestrian bridge.

Dinner at Fong Lye (Taiwanese cuisine)

At night, we met up with my mates, and watched the latest movie Despicable Me 2 at Pyramid. (RM10 with Citibank card everyday at TGV!)

Monday: 3rd day

Nasi lemak at Taman Desa for morning tea. Followed by a trip to Midvalley Mega Mall, and some light shopping!

Then we took a bus down to Central Market to check out the artsy fartsy stuff. At night, had dinner with my parents, and then went to Pyramid. Great chance for my parents to have a chat with Sunny. LOL

In hindsight, Central Market reminds us both a lot of Haymarket in Sydney CBD. (Haymarket is an indoor flea market that opens every Thursday to Sunday evening)

Hui Tzan came to have supper (Taiwanese tong shui) with us at Kuchai Lama after our trip to Sunway Pyramid.

 Tuesday- 4th day:
Slept in late this morning. Managed to get the car off my mom later in the morning. We visited Muzium Diraja Malaysia (used to be the abode of the past King and Queen of Malaysia), National Museum. Cant remember the charges, but its fairly cheap. About RM5 for locals, and about Rm10 for foreigners (Adults)

 For lunch, we had Hainanese chicken rice at the first shop, Jalan Gasing. Between the both of us, we had one order of steamed and baked chicken, one order of bean sprouts and a bowl of pork balls. (RM20) 

Followed by an ice-cream float from A&W PJ Drive In. Somehow the Drive In services here seem to have stopped? But the Drive In order counter was no longer working, so we had to get off the car and go into the restaurant and queue up to make our order. (less than RM10 for two orders of single ice cream floats)

Had an easy day out today. In the evening, I had to go for my final keyboard lesson so Sunny came and joined us. She met the crew learning keyboard.

 Wednesday- Fifth Day:
Finally worked up the nerve to drive down to Port Dickson beach on Sunny's last day in KL.

In the morning, I filled my car up with petrol, checked the tyres were inflated, and recharged the credit on my Touch N Go card. (Sunny calls it the "gyeo-tong" card, or in korean it means 'transport card' as they use in South Korea)

Her first time visiting KL. Avilion Hotel, Tanjung Gemuk, PD Waterfront Mcdonalds. The journey took one hour away from KL by car. about 60km.

Remus joined us for the ride. Haha. I survived the journey driving following the sign board without using Google Maps... its a miracle!!!!

 Surprisingly the beaches that we visited were clean. I didnt have a dip in the waters as I did not bring my swim wear.

Avilion Resort and Hotel
Remus joined us as well!

Tanjong Gemok

Scene of water front from PD Waterfront Mcdonald's. 
We went to Avilion as we wanted to check out the resorts and room rates. 

Our final stop in Port Dickson was Mcdonald's PD Waterfront for afternoon tea.

Then we dropped Sunny at KLIA on the way back to KL as that was on the way home around 6pm.

 I do think Sunny enjoyed her trip fairly well.. LOL


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