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Sulwhasoo: Short Review on the Essential Range Skincare Samples

Samples sachets in their pockets. 
First Care Activating Serum (Booster),
Essential Revitalizing Serum (Concentrated Serum)
Essential Firming Cream
So after redeeming the samples, I finally had a go trying out the sachets..

Want to find out how I liked it so far? Well, read on then...

So far, I like what i see from what I have used of the samples.

 In order of application is
1) First Care Activating Serum (Booster).  
This is followed by your normal toner, and applied straight after you wash your face.

From what I hear, this serum works as a booster, and aids in the absorption of other serums and skincare. Hence that is why customers are advised to apply this straight after washing their face.

2) Essential Revitalizing Serum (Concentrated Serum) 

3) Essential Firming Cream. 

 The serums have a fragrance which is herbal, ginsengy, and decent. It seems to leave a dewy impression after applying it. I don't know if its my eyes, but I think it helps my pores to close, but I cant say for sure whether that was an eye trick since its only about three applications.

 I decided to order the 4 set trial kit from the korean gmarket site Q0010 on this page (dunno whether authentic, but gotta wait and see).

 Pricepoint, I think the retail prices might be in the likes of Bobbi Brown and Clarins (both equally expensive anyways), but maybe they are keeping it low at this time?

 But anyways, I think when the time comes, I might just get their starter kit only from Parkson Pavillion, since I don't have very bad skin apart from dark eye circles and eye bags.

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