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Sulwhasoo: Redemption of Complimentary Skincare Samples

Information Brochures
Finally redeemed my complimentary samples!

Samples in their pockets. 
First Care Activating Serum (Booster),
Essential Revitalizing Serum (Concentrated Serum)
Essential Firming Cream
So I finally managed to make it to Pavilion KL to finally redeem the Sulhwasoo skincare samples.

My main intention was initially to get the Starter Kit, but I ended up being given the samples (which we are supposed to get samples anyways).

I am not willing to plonk down money for something which i cannot get a refund, or will cause my face to have a reaction before I have tried it yet.

Well, that is what samples are for anyways.

So here there are the samples. in their tiniest glory. I am going to have to try them out soon.

Have you redeemed yours yet?

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