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Nano Technology: Beauty Bloggers beware of nanoparticles in skincare cosmetics!

Recently I came across an article by another beauty blogger, Daily Oxford who briefly touched on the topic of lipid nano technology.

She apparently was using Sulhwasoo but has since discontinued since she read that the parent company, Amore Pacific had patented the use of nanotechnology in their cosmetics and skincare line.

Beauty bloggers should take note particularly on skincare that utilizes nanotechnology. My readings reveal that currently, nanotechnology is prominently used in the production of suncreams, and anti aging products.

Other companies that have been found to utilize nanotechnology in their cosmetics and skincare include: Loreal,
Revlon, Avon, Prestige, The
Body Shop (belonging to Loreal), Dr Brandt, Sircuit, Zelens, and many others.

But what is nanotechnology? In layman terms and in a nutshell, it is the use of technology to create products with particles nano and tiny enough they could enter your skin cells, and change it from within.

Yes, they can enter your skin cells and actually change it. But is it for the better, or for worst?

In the field of medicine, I would assume this will create many opportunities for victims of burns, skin atopia, and sufferers of people with skin problems.

But cosmetic companies attest that taking the example of creating suncreams with ingredients tiny enough that they will become transparent so it no longer has that pasty look we normally see when we apply them on ourselves, would encourage more people to use them. But is that necessary?

I dont know about you, but I dont think I want foreign chemicals like alum entering my bloodstream. I dont mind using normal white pasty suncream.

Beauty mag online in their article states: "The Societies concern is that manufacturers ensure
that the toxicologal tests that they use recognise that
nanoparticles of a given chemical will often have
different properties to the same chemical in its larger
form and may have greater toxicity."

Nanotechnology does work, and it is here to stay.

Just like in the days of Cleopatra who used arsenic creams to keep her complexion fair and clear, we now have a different kind of technology which may cost us our health.

The question is are you willing to pay the price for beauty?

Daily Oxford: Switching from Sulhwasoo to Bee Sting.

Nano cosmetics may carry big

Nanotechnology and skincare:


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

omg sounds scary! But we, beauty bloggers have to always try different stuff all the choice

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cheayee said...

Nanotechnology is here to stay, like it or not.

i am a current fan of Sulhwasoo, but I am hoping because Sulhwasoo is mostly a ginseng and herbal based range of skincare, that nanotechnology would not affect it too much. apart from that, people also eat and use ginseng, so if people can eat ginseng, and it doesnt harm us, I am crossing and hoping for the best. however I cant find any information on this at this point of time.

now I have to go and check the other range of so called organic plant based skincare like Jurlique, or Sothys to know if they utilize nanotechnology.

Granted, the technology isnt cheap, so only big companies like Loreal and Amore Pacific can afford it.

in hindsight, it is probably time to look at DIY, homemade, and even locally made malay or javanese skincare, as these are whole products, and truly organically made from natural products.

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