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July 2013: My Night Skincare Face Regime

So I finally made an appointment to go in for a facial at Estuary MediSpa (Scotts Garden) on Sunday after church service.

My beautician who serviced me speaks mostly Cantonese, so the following conversation that took place is translated.

When doing extractions, the beautician mentioned my skin is a lot more hydrated, and there were less skin comedones than previously. She continued saying that I must have been consistently following up with my skincare regime.

However she did mention the 'moon crescent' area (which I am assuming she means my forehead) still had some sticky comedones, so I am looking to clear that area too.

Basically she mentioned that regardless whether I wore make up or not, I should be double cleansing my face daily due to the 'fui chan' (dirt) that settles on my face each day. She recommends using cleansing milk, followed by cleanser.

(thats her advice, but it doesnt mean I will follow)

Anyways, its heartening to hear that my regime is paying off after all! My cheeks has been a little rosier than usual so I thought it was dehydrated or was suffering from allergies.

This is my daily skincare regime:...

Part of my old Mi Kam Su Faceshop products haul..
Currently I am finishing up the remainder of my Faceshop Mi Kam Su cleansing milk, and cleansing oil. There's still a bit to go, but not that much. When this is finished, I will be trying out the Sulhwasoo face cleanser (which came in the recent Rm210 Starter Pack).

Used once or twice a week in rotation:
Sothys Desquacream
the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant PowderSothys Desquacream, & Tsuya Tsuya Snail Bubble Mask cleansing solution with the battery operated micro brush (here is a Groupon picture of how it looks like. LOL)

I recently learnt that its more effective to use cotton pads drenched in toner, rather than spraying toner on face at this step. It serves a dual purpose of both cleansing and removing whatever left over dirt on the face, as well as preparing the skin for the application of booster products or serums.

I am currently using the Malswisse Toner whom I had bought two bottles since last year. Currently still using the first bottle, and way to go before even finishing it.


Trialing out the 5 piece Sulhwasoo travel pack.
I am currently using the Sulhwasoo First Activating Serum. As per the directions given by the Sulhwasoo product info, I first warm my hands up by rubbing my palms together, then press about two pumps of the serum before applying it on my face.

I then follow with the Sulhwasoo Balancing Water.


Australia Sini Hydrating Serum with gold particles.
On my forehead: I am currently applying the Sini Australia Hydrating Serum with gold particles.

Around my cheek areas: I first apply the Sothys refiner serum (Day or Night, depending).

Unica Eye & Lip Cream (from July's Mivva Beauty Box)

Around my eye area: I am currently trialing out the Unica eye and lip cream.(from

Around my neck: I am currently applying the Faceshop Flebeaute Collagenic Thermage Essence.

Once I have applied the serums, I do a little face massage to get the products absorbed in.

Once the serums have almost been absorbed in and the face not so liquidy, I then finally apply the face cream.

Currently I use these in rotation and finishing up:
Sothys Hydrating Cream,
Laneige Hydra Solution Face Cream (purple).

I will be using next in rotation or according to daily needs (.... LOL) :

Body Young AC Clear Moisturise Pure N Cream (from South Korea)

Sulhwasoo Firming Cream, Sulhwasoo Ginseng Renewing Cream, Body Young AC Clear Moisturize Pure N Cream (Cream Gel type consistency).

This entire regime probably takes up to twenty mins and longest thirty mins taking the time between each step.

But I am not going to bed with a face full of dirt, and sleep time is the best time to get the skin replenishing and fixing itself.

Hows your daily skincare face regime like? Shorter or longer?

Which steps do you forgo?

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