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Holidays: Planning for Hanoi, and Bangkok

So it is the time of the year when Raya holidays are coming, and people are planning for holidays.

This year, for the Aidilfitri holidays, I and a mate of mine will be heading towards Hanoi and Bangkok. Initially we were planning for Osaka, and even Australia, but decided that since I have been to both places, its better to go to a place neither of us have visited before.

My Cell Group was asking if I wanted to join them for a mission trip to an orang asli camp, but since we have already booked our tickets, I had to forgo that.

Anyways, our tentative plans for Hanoi & Bangkok are as follows. Anyone in either places, let's meet up!

Saturday (Vietnam)
3rd August: Fly in to Hanoi (Vietnam) from Kuala Lumpur.
Check in at our hotel at Hoan Kiem, Hanoi with direct taxi from our hotel upon arrival at airport. Roam around city and get to know the place.

4th August:  Ha Long Bay. Planning to stay overnight on the boat.

5th August: Check back into the first hotel where we stayed on our first night. Check out local diners.

6th August: 
Check out museums and local hangouts.

Wednesday (Thailand)
7th August: Catch the flight from the Hanoi International Airport to Bangkok. Check into our hotel in Dindaeng.
* Ensure that our train tickets are collected!
MBK- Siam Square, Pratunam Wholesale Market,

8th August:
Bangkok Canals (Chao Praya River) + (Grand Palace + Wat Pho) + Thai massage.
Wat Arun (across from Grand Place)

Grand Palace:
Opening ticket hrs : 8:30 – 15:30 daily.
Admission fee : 500 baht/pax.
 *Grand Palace tickets can be used for Vimanmek Mansion + Old Parliament. 

Wat Pho
Opening hrs : 8:30 – 17:00 daily.
Admission fee : 100 baht/pax.

Wat Arun 
Opening hrs : 8:30 – 17:30 daily.
Admission fee : 50 baht/pax.

Golden Buddha
Opening hrs : 8:00 – 17:00 daily.
Admission fee : Golden Buddha only = 40 baht/pax.
Golden Buddha & Museum = 140 baht/pax

9th August:
Floating Market. (Take taxi to Tha Kha first. Then take a boat to Damnoen Saduak Floating market for THB 200 (RM20) per boat.

This tour package or this tour with Garden & Cultural Show maybe an option.

10th August:
Taking the overnight train back from Bangkok to Butterworth

11th August:
Hopefully in Malaysia and on the way home. LOL


Places of Interest to Visit in Bangkok:
So this is the sample of places to visit in Bangkok given to me by my Thai friend, Pom who lives in Sydney.

Floating Market:  
Floating market, the new one is 1 hour from Bangkok but the old one is 2 and half hours from Bangkok.

If you stay until weekend, consider to go to Cha-Tu-Jak weekend market. it's opened only weekend and you also can catch sky train to reach there.

Huai Bin advises: Be careful of the private piers and go straight to the Damnoen Saduak pier. If you want a more local experience, get a taxi that’ll bring you straight to Tha Kha and head to Damnoen Saduak floating market from there, which will cost just THB 200 (RM 20) per boat.

Emerald Buddha Temple ( make sure dress politely and pay respect ) and visit the markets around there. The museum is nearby and there's a public ferry across Chao Pra Ya River.

Better go visit both Emerald Buddha & Kao San Road in the same day as they are close suburbs, catch Taxi or Tuk Tuk. Public transport around that area will give you headache. Or you can hire long tail boat with tour guide to take you around that suburb and community. No subway or sky train to reach there, just have to go by taxi.

Khao San Road is popular for tourists too and full of back packer and guest houses, a lot of shop and restaurant over there.

From Bangkok to Pattaya Beach is around 2 hours drive.

Anyways, I've picked some interesting stuff from HuaiBin's blog since he only just visited Bangkok not long ago..Ok, not the gross stuff that will frighten girls but things that are interesting to me...I'm linking him coz he's so detailed. LOL

Since Huai Bin has so many posts on Bangkok, I picked them out individually...
Bangkok Tour Company:

Information about places to visit in Bangkok for Opening Hours, and Admission Fee:

TripAdvisor: For online booking with Bangkok Online Tours.

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