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Buys: My first Coach satchel handbag @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

oooohhh I wonder what is in that bag... shh... don't let my mom know!

The model: madison op art sateen juliette
A label sewn inside that states where this bag was sewn...
Receipt in the red card holder, and an Authencity Card (Warranty Card)
When you buy it, the sales assistant attaches a tag like the one I am holding to the bag. 
A card that instructs you how to care for your bag. 
I've bought Guess, and Fossil. In fact, lots of Guess hand bags, and my one very expensive sling from Fossil in Myers on sale when I was living in Sydney.

Finally, today, after much persuasion, from my friend Lai Ching, who had just returned from the UK for holiday with her baby girl, Alyssa,I succumbed to finally pampering myself with my very first Coach hand
bag. So this time, I told her she could pick a bag for me.

It would not have been my first choice of colours. Coz my favourite colours are brown, dark brown, and if I had a choice, all my handbags would be sling types, and dark brown and dark red. (I tend to like woody colours, and the tomboy type. LOL)

This is the model type she chose for me: the "madison op art sateen juliette"

  • Op Art sateen fabric with leather trim 
  • Inside zip, cell phone and multifunction pockets 
  • Zip-top closure, fabric lining 
  • Handles with 13cm drop 
  • Longer strap for shoulder or crossbody wear 
  • 34cm (L) x 21cm (H) x 10cm (W)

This is not the kind of style I would choose, but it takes me out of my comfort zone. That is to not always fall back on the same colours.. which wouldnt make any difference from any of the other bags I already
have in my closet if I had chosen a similar style to what I normally would get.

Checking their website online, they had  a few more models of a different colours, but those were not available at the store.. *sad*.

The only reason I succumbed to her persuasion was some of her words rang true.... I don't have very bad skin, so I don't really need to spend so much on skincare at this point of time yet. As long as I eat healthy, have enough rest, and also keep fit by having enough exercises.

Anyways..... I am sure you all are wondering how much the price is?


Well, the retail price of this purse is about RM1525.

There was a 40% discount on it, so the price came down to about RM915!
(That is about AUD300 ish after conversion..... so I dont feel the pinch.) =.=  However, it is well, twice the price of my Fossil bag which I bought at about AUD120 only.

Some word of advice for care of these bags: 
1) Dont use it when wearing a new pair of jeans, or clothes that can transfer colours or dirty the bag... it is an expensive piece of item so please very good care of it.

2) Wash your hands and make sure your hands are clean before holding it... I sure will do that.
I hope. =.=

So, I ended not getting any skincare, but I got myself a new handbag instead!

The next thing I can imagine her dragging me to get is a new pair of jeans, a pair of heels and probably a new top from one of the British labels ...


Ok, goodnight readers!

For more updates on Coach Malaysia, check out their website.

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