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Buys: USANA Probiotics, and Digestive Enzyme Plus

Supplements from Usana...woo!
Recently, I decided to procure for myself some new health supplements. Don't know why the idea popped into me, but I thought I would like to take some. 

Usana was having a one day sale some time last week, so Kelly, my friend cum USANA member asked me if I would like to get some. So I told her to go ahead.
I do believe that USANA's crown jewels is their health supplements (not so much the other products from the reviews I read on the Internet, or their dieting stuff). 

Usana Probiotics, and Digestive Enzyme Plus. 

Supplement Facts for Digestive Enzyme Plus.

Supplements Facts for Usana Probiotics.
Digestive Enzyme Plus
This supplement is taken once a day, and contains 150mg of Spirulina (core ingredient).

According to this site, it is effective in use against histamines, protecting against liver damage, and boosts the growth of L.acidophilus and other probiotics. 

Usana Probiotics
Taken twice a week. Take one stick pack every 1-2 days. Keep out of reach of children.

This product apparently contains 57mg of lactobacillus rhamnosus and 24mg of bifidobacterium animalis.

Hmm.. no need to drink Vitagen or take yoghurt for the next few months. LOL.

How much is the total price?

Well, if you are a member, the Auto-ship price is: RM150 for both items for that one-day promotion.

Otherwise, it's about Rm200 ish for two items. If you're not a member, the  price is (obviously) higher.

So far, I've been taking it consistently. We shall see if it works in helping my digestion in the few weeks to come.

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