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Breaking fast, or Iftar in the month of Ramadhan...

Maybe I live like a frog under a coconut shell (katak di bawah tempurung), but since I barely go out for dinners in Kuala Lumpur, I dont really get to see muslims breaking fast, or Iftar as it is called. In KL, we just call it 'buka puasa'.

This week I will be spending my dinner time at Midvalley, being there for work purposes.

I was at one of the fast food restaurants earlier for dinner, about 6.30pm. In KL, the Iftar time is about 7.30pm.

The restaurant had reserved almost three fourths of the sitting area out of bounds. When the staff said the tables were reserved, initially I thought they meant peoples had already reserved the tables for a special event.

Then later as I was sitting down to enjoy my meal, I saw a number of malays starting to sit there. It then dawned on me what the staff meant when they said 'reserved'.

Anyways, just for the month of Ramadhan, if you're in KL, try to go for dinner after 8pm, or maybe around 6.30pm, as you probably wont get a place to sit in the times between anyways.

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