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(ADV) Think Pink, Think Vanish (Get Free Samples,& a Contest too!)

How many of you do your own laundry?

Well, I do. Since I moved overseas to study and live, that was the start of a turning point for me!

kitchn cooking
Making chicken curry in the kitchen during my University years in Toowoomba (March 2006)
Enjoying food made with University mates!
I had to do my own cooking, washing, cleaning and all my own personal duties. Living overseas in a place like Australia, most of us cant afford domestic help as that was very expensive!

We learnt to use washing machines. Sometimes at home. Sometimes communal coin operated washing machines.

Coin-operated laundromats that I used in Fukuoka, Japan..

Closer look of coin operated laundromats at 10 minutes for Y100. (Jan 2008)

We had to learn to pick a good detergent, be it powdered or liquid to be used when washing our clothes whether at home, or bringing it to the laundromat.

I was recently sent samples of this powdered laundry detergent, called Vanish.

It comes in two types, the pink container (for coloured clothing), and the brightening type for ONLY white clothes.
White, and Pink containers of Vanish!

I took 1/2 a spoon of the powdered detergent for my clothes.

Poured it into my washing machine.

And just let the machine do its washing, spinning. Soak if you need to (as per instructions on the washing label of the Vanish container). 

And what is the outcome?

A clean pair of jeans. (or clothes). See no stains! And the colours are deep. 

It's that easy!

Want to try it out? Here's  your chance. The good people at Vanish is currently giving out free samples.

Screenshot of the Vanish website.
To do so, check out this link at and click on the option "Get Free Samples". Provide them with your details, and just wait for it in the mail....

Vanish is also currently holding  a online contest!

Fantastic prizes include a 3 x 32" LED TV, 10 x washing machines, and 5 x two door fridges up for
On the same page,, look for the contest option, create an account, and share your cleaning tricks (better if you include photos).

You may just win some of the fantastic prizes above!


Joseph Kishore said...

Vanish Really Works out Good... Thats Y...

Think Bright.. Think Vanish, Think White Think Vanish

ha ha...


Joseph Kishore said...

Vanish Experience is Great.. really works out...good

thats y ..i say..

Think Bright Think Vanish, Think White Think Vanish

ha ha ha


cheayee said...


Kishore, u want to do advertisements for them?


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