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Times of Refreshing

The last few weeks have been an experience.

Trying to pack everything into my schedule: writing out posts for my blog, attending movie premieres, restaurant invites, makeup classes, recovery, and gym sessions with my trainers.

Out of this, I learn to discern what really is important and is priority in my life. I realise that in the begining, one has to run the hard yards. With then, will discernment and wisdom be upon us.

On Friday, I went to cell group with my mates from FGA, and the following day to a Malaysia for Jesus healing rally with a number of them.

I wanted to bring my grandmother who is unable to walk to the healing rally, but I can only guess it is not the appointed time for her yet.

Pillow the dog (belongs to a CG mate)
It was just good to take time out for a time of refreshing and sit back and not think too much of what to do.

I thank the Lord for letting me win a 22k gold pendant (weighing 2 grams). It was an unexpected pleasant blessing having not the providence to win at any other avenues.

Having decided on the focus for this blog, I give thanks to the Lord for giving me ideas when I write the posts, and giving me discernment in picking appropriate posts that will actually add to my blog. He has literally increased the number of pageviews of this blog by three fold than when I first revamped this blog in March.

I continue to claim His promises for my life, as I put my trust in the Lord who has given me Hope and Faith for a future that I have yet to know.

.... and because He lives, I can face tomorrow... - Bill Gaither-

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