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Sulwhasoo Opening Special: Parkson Pavilion, Gurney Plaza

Pacific Amore has just released a new pricing for Sulwhasoo for their opening special. Valid until 30th June 2013.

I was planning on getting their starter pack, however it seems that the price has gone up to Rm210 (About 70Aud).

I asked my Korean eonni, Sunny who happens to be coming down from Busan next month to check the prices in South Korea. She just reverted to me that they do not have starter packs in South Korea for sale, and the Parkson one currently is considered cheap (after I converted the prices to Australian dollars for her to compare).

Maybe they will increase their prices after the promotion period?

Sunny is currently using the Lumitouch Twincake from Sulwhasoo. (The website is in Korean, if you are wondering. If you can't read Korean, just look at the pictures. LOL)

She says it lasts her for a  year, although she doesn't actually use it on a daily basis. She notes that most Korean girls in South Korea don't use Sulwhasoo until they reach their 30s, as the product is too rich for those in their early 20s, and yes, it is also quite expensive... (price range in the likes of La Mer, and SK II)

I am eyeing the Essential Line, and the Hydro Aid range. Keeping an eye out on their promotions.

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Jean said...

are they really that good? saw some coupon site selling the starter kit too..

CY said...

Whether it is good also probably depends on the person's skin type and how they respond to the ingredients, I guess.

I haven't tried it, so I cant make a judgement call at this point of time, as my experience has been limited to mostly Sothys, Dermalogica, and other French and American skincare line.

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