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Sephora: Cosmetics shopping with my mother.

Today my brother brought my family to Morgansfield for dinner as tomorrow is Fathers Day in Malaysia.

Cute Havaianas sandal charm on envelope. LOL
As there is a Thomas Sabo outlet in Pavilion, I decided to get my bracelet cleaned. I also decided to collect my Rm20 discount voucher from Havainanas.. Whoever would like it, pls come collect it from me, coz I dont think I will be using it any time soon.

Anyways, I brought my mom to Sephora KL. She was so surprised the entire place sells only makeup, makeup and more makeup. After walking a while, she asked me, how much does your foundation costs normally?

Looking at her (ahem, its mothers we are talking about., she in her 60s), I said 'at least 50RM'... Then she pointed to a Makeup Forever range and said 'wow... That one at least Rm 160 onwards.. ' I didnt make any comments.

It is interesting to know that the Sephora store brand of eyeshadow range is all made in China. I was actually checking out their eyeshadow and lipstick set which was selling for Rm134.

Then I had a look at Urban Decay, as well as Benefit range of eyeshadows. All made in USA. I havent found any from Korea, but I think if ever I had to chose, it would be the range from Made in USA.

My MUA friend, Za Yin was trying out The Balm range of eyeshadows out on me recently (Nude 'Ttude), and she said that the eyeshadow colours were really striking, the brush included was of good quality, and easy to apply.

I do believe that was the catalyst that caused me to check out the range of other eyeshadows similarly from the USA.

At this point of time, I still find it hard to trust products made in China. With South Korea producing competitively priced and quality makeup products, and long lasting, it is no wonder.

I have to say not all their makeup brands is good, i.e Faceshop or Elianto (if that is even South Korean). I also find Laneige's range of makeup too bright and light for my liking, which I realised the last time I had a makeover done with Laneige in March this year. Granted, their skincare range is still good.

Generally the ones I found has been good so far, and I would choose makeup range made in USA, France, Italy, or South Korea over China, regardless where the brand originated from.

I like Laneige skincare range...
Skincare range is a different topic, but that shall be another post altogether.

Sorry, Sephora, but that is my stand.

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Wow!! I like it! Thanks for sharing.

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