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R2 Saloon: Highlighting & Hair Colour

I recently got the itch to get my hair coloured.. so sometime in May, I decided to head back to look for Kenny, the previous hair-dresser who styled my hair.

 He had been transferred to the outlet located in Jalan Mega Mandung under the same management.

R2 Hair Saloon @ Jalan Mega Mandung outlet
Kiki: one of the the indoor salon companions
Back: Before
After hair colour


First, Kenny highlighted my hair, and used aluminium foil to segregrate the parts which had already been coloured. He then followed it with a different colour for my base hair colour.

After which, he asked to leave the hair to seep in for about thirty minutes (felt like a little longer than just half an hour though >_<)

The cost of my hair colouring + cut is RM235.

Is that expensive, or cheap?

What I think:
Though some of my mates say the new hair colour is quite nice, I have to say that I am not used  to it.... the hairdresser said perhaps I have not coloured my hair in such a manner, which makes me not used to it.

                                                     What do you think of my new hair colour?

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