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No need visa to Japan for Malaysian Passport Holders from 1st July 2013 onwards!

Hello pretty Japanese girls!! @ Fukuoka, Jan 2009.
It's official!

The Japanese Embassy in Malaysia has just released a statement on their website that Malaysian passport holders no longer need to apply for a visa for a short term visit!! The requirement for application of visa to Japan has now been abolished!!

The date of implementation has yet to be decided, so keep your fingers crossed, those who have not yet applied.

Been waiting for this for so long!! Thank you people, and all my friends who have volunteered to be my sponsors all this while!

Woo hoo!

Are you guys planning to take a visit to Japan now??

Updated news!

27th June 2013: This is the statement released on The Star Online that the date of implementation will be from 1st July 2013. 

Warning: However those who do not have a micro chip enabled passport will still need to apply for the visa!

"Malaysian nationals who do not hold an ordinary biometric passport with an embedded microchip that is compliant with ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation standards will remain advised to obtain a visa," the statement said (The Star Online)

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