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MIVVA: Unboxing Colourific Beauty Box June 2013

Look at all the goodies!

Hi girlies, How has the month of June been treating you?

I was very happy this month as I won my 22k gold pendant from Emas Sri Pinang. I chose a "money pouch" as the sales personnel said it will bring me banyak "Ong" (Luck). I think its a bit of hog wash, but its cool to wear a "money pouch" as homage to my Chinese culture. Hehe.

I also lost 1 kilo last week from my weight loss regime.

As of last count, my unique hits for this blog has hit 2,000 unique hits, which is 4 times what it was then I revamped it in March this year. Not bad considering this is barely three months since revamping this blog, so that makes it a triple blessing so far this month! Considering that I have migrated The Beauty Regime into this blog just yesterday, it is just a matter of time before the Google search engine will go into over drive. ^^

Anyways, this month serves as my second month subscription to Mivva Beauty Box.

This month's Beauty Box from Mivva has a number of interesting items.

Enuca Eye Essential Quad.L (Rm88)
I like this item the most as I have been using the Enuca Eye Essential Eye shadow during my make up classes.

So far I like this product the most of all the items in this month's box, as it is easy to apply, and the colours just looks really royal. It also has  a primer on the bottom right, so that helps me to sustain the eye shadow for long lastingness throughout the day.

And yes, I was looking at getting a new eyeshadow colours, so this just came at the right time! *whee*

Beautymate Black Pearl & Calendula Officinalis Whitening Nano Mask,
(a box is RM49.90 for 7 pcs)

This is a sheet mask which is suitable for all skin types, and functions to nourish and moisturise the skin.

Now I love sheet masks, and I would love this product, just that I still have a ton of sheet masks at Laneige at this point.. >_<

Skin 79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss, Full Size RM16.90

This is a really cute lip gloss that comes in a mini holder that you can put in your handbag or tie it to your key chain?

I am sure the girls will squeal when they see this!! ^^

Liese Bubble Hair Colour, Creamy Beige RM38

I would have loved to try this out, but because I just recently coloured my hair for a ton of money, I decided my mom would have better use for it, since she has greying hair...  LOL

When I told her that if she wasn't going to use, I am going to give away to someone else, she protested... *right, who doesn't like free stuff.. *  >_<

So far I like all the products in this month's box. It is a good way to use trial out all the new products, and a new way to promote new brands, as I realised that when I was at Watsons recently, I recognised some of the brands from the products they sent through the beauty boxes.

MIVVA Beauty Box subscription is RM38 per month, and I think its fairly affordable in terms of value for the items they have given so far. ^^

Get yours at !


Anne Lee said...

that mini lip gloss is so cute. will it turn out to be too reddish?

cheayee said...

i dont think so... i havent actually tried using it coz I think i will save it for a giveaway later. Lol.

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