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Metamoff Gallery 6: Eyebrows & Foundation application

This entry is a few weeks due (teacher off, class off.. and didn't post for a while).

For this class, my instructor decided to just focus on two parts of my face.

The eye brows, and my application of foundation.

She says that these are the two basic elements that needs to be done right in the make-up application process. 
Notice the huge difference?
The difference in the Before and the After picture: I basically just re-shaped and coloured in my eyebrows. I also did a complete application of foundation on my face. And what a difference it makes!

the equipment  used in my make up application.

The products used in today's lesson were: 
Brow Pencil: Cometicart Gray 
Foundation: Inouvi 
Concealer: Sephora (02) 
Colour Corrector: Alpha Love 
Loose Powder: Office (V04), MAC Prep & PRime Tranparent Finishing Powder.  
Other equipment: Feather cut blade, cotton pads.
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