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Emas Sri Pinang: My 22k (916) Gold Cherita Pendant Prize

Smiling 3rd prize winner!
(pic taken from Emas Sri Pinang FB)

Dum Dum Dum....

If you have been following me on my FB updates, you would have known that I recently received an email from Emas Sri Pinang that I was the third prize winner. I feel so blessed... *Thanks God*

The 3rd prize winner (along with the first two winners) winnings is a 22k gold pendant (weighing 2 grams) from their current range of Cherita pendants.

On my left is 2nd prize winner.. she chose the baby shoe design.
(pic taken from Emas Sri Pinang FB)

Now the Cherita range of pendants is part of a series of gold charms for their hand bracelet. Think Thomas Sabo, and Pandora, and you get the idea.

When I arrived at the store last Saturday, I was asked to choose from the number of designs that was available.

There was this really really cute Japanese slipper, and a Chinese baby like shoe. There was also a gold pouch.

I really like the cute Japanese slipper (but being the typical Chinese I am, I looked the grammage of the item...) and typical Chinese, we don't choose to wear slippers or shoes on us, coz the Cantonese word for shoe is "hai" which is "sighing". The mandarin word for shoe is "xie" which I am told is "separate". Neither word in both dialects brings good luck ..

Finally the malay salesperson who was serving me told me to choose the money bag, as that means "banyak ong" (lots of luck). LOL.. leave it to a malay to tell me that... LOL

So yes, that's what I chose. The value of my prize is RM385 (including workmanship) and about 1.8 ish grams.

Like it?

Thank  you to Emas Sri Pinang for letting me win this lovely 22k "banyak ong" money pouch.

Hope you other readers have better luck and maybe can win a gold pendant from them too in future! ^^

Emas Sri Pinang: Facebook


Yuh Jiun said...

Congrats!!! you're so lucky :D

cheayee said...

Thanks!! It was pure luck.. hehehe.

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