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Cosmocell: Double Action Sun Block SPF 23 (Tinted)

So one fine week day sometime in the end of May, I made a trip to Estuary to have some facial pampering.

I had previously bought a facial package, and decided to utilise it as it has been a while since I spring cleaned my face!

Luxurious facial room at Estuary Medispa @ Scotts Garden
The Cosmocell paper bag
The manager gave me some miniature samples from Cosmocell
Double Action: Sun Block SPF25. 
The light brown colour of the Cosmocell Double Action Sun Block

After the facial treatment, the beauty therapist was recommending me this product as my face was "severely clogged" she claim. She also claims that this tinted suncream will not clog up my pores.

So far I have been  using this in place of my foundation. On top of it, I apply my usual shading powder, highlighting powder, eye brow pencil shading and eye shadow colours. I've also had a few compliments on the usage of  this products who said that my face is "naturally more clearer and cleaner looking".

The retail price:
Rm160 ish, but I bought it at about RM148. (10% discount being member price)

What do you think?

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