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Chea Yee's Wish List - June 2013.

not related random pic of myself in Singapore...
Do you have a wish list?

For me, a wish list serves as things one could wish to have and hope to have. By preparing such a list, it helps one to declutter and help us prioritise what we would really like (and want to do).

Being a female, I do love my beauty products. I may not be able to use all of it, yet hoard it like a beaver (raise your hands if you do!). Kekeke...

My wish list for beauty products for now is pretty limited for the time being, as I still have a stash I need to go through for now, and I did actually buy the things I wanted.

1. Hair oil for maintenance, as my ends can be rather dry. Please people, send me hair products to try..  my hair needs maintenance. 

Sad... have to use Clarins face oil for body instead.. *sob sob*
2. Body firming oil with lovely scent. Please people, send me body oils to try too ^^ I've seen the ones from REN, Body Shop, *tempting* *Tempting*

3. More makeup-- and skincare products.

4. Baking classes - really would like to learn, but not exactly a priority now due to lack of time. I would like to learn how to bake my favourite western pastries, cakes and pies like meat pies, apple pie, etc.

I make do for now by working on basic essential cooking skills for asian dishes when I can manage to find the time.

The dishes I enjoy making when I entertain friends could be chicken curry, omellete tomato stew, black soy potato chicken, hong dau shui, loh mai kai, and others (which I cant think of at this point of time)

5. Sewing classes- actually higher on my list of priorities as it serves a more useful purpose for me than baking >_<, but I cant do anything until I complete my make up classes.

6. Swimming lessons: I have actually somehow fallen into achieving this as I now have a fitness trainer at True Fitness who is giving me swimming lessons. (Slowly achieving!)

7. Makeup classes: Currently attending..For me, my main focus is working on eye shadow application.. Not exactly good but what counts is I am attending(Slowly achieving!)

These are things I currently aspire to have, and writing and sharing about my journey makes one more feel more passionate about it, is it not?

8. Longines watch- saw my cousin Agnes wearing it.. (it wasn't hers, but I liked the design..). A Longines watch is at least RM3k... so can't afford it anytime soon. >_< 

I like the model range from La Grande Classicique De Longines, like this model . ^^

They are the same company that retails Swatches, but currently that is only what my budget can afford for the time being. *sob sob*.

9. A BoyFriend.  The type that makes your heart go fluttery and wants to spend time with you. Enough said.

Last edited: 24th June, 2013.

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