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Buys: My The Body Shop Shopping Haul in June 2013

So recently The Body Shop had a sale at the beginning of June. I managed to stock up on some items at a pretty good price!

Maybank Credit Cards was also having a promotion with The Body Shop. With a purchase of RM50 and above, an additional 10% was given on top of each prevailing discount rate.

Now let me share with you what I got....

Shower Gel  Almond 250ml @ RM24.90
30% + 10% off (-RM9.21)
I love the shower gels as they come with very strong scents. I am not sure if it means they use a lot of chemicals, but their fruity scents last for a long time.
Soap White Musk 100 G @ RM14.90 
30% + 10% off: (- RM5.51)
Their body bar.. personally I don't use it much, so I don't have much experiences with their Body Bars.
EDT White Musk 30ml @ RM59.00
30% + 10% off: (- RM21.83)
Heard a lot about it.. apparently muslim ladies like to use it during their prayers, I am told..
EDT Apple Blossom @ RM49.90
30% + 10% off: (- RM18.46)  
I wanted to try out their fruity scents...  we shall see.
Kabuki Brush Foundation Extra Virgin Mine @ RM75.00
30% + 10% off: (- RM41.25)
Recently, I have been looking for makeup brushes, so this come around the right time. I've got a number of powder brushes, and was trying to decide between the kabuki brush for powder & shading, vs the smaller one for blushers, as they were both about the same price.
Finally I just decided on the bigger sized kabuki brush for powder. 
Total Damage?
RM127.45 ONLY.
That's for 5 items.
Well what do you think? Worth it?
So far I like all the products I have bought, but the only one I am consistently using now is the EDT which I can spray on everyday before I go to work, or even going out for casual events. ^^

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