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Buys: International Beauty Expo (IBE) Haul 2013 @ KLCC

Hi peeps, how's your weekend going to be?

Mine's going to be fantastic as I am catching a movie tonight, and going to Pinang Sri Emas on Saturday for the photo ceremony to collect my prize of 22k gold pendant (of 2 grams) being the third prize winner.

Anyways, I recently visited the International Beauty Expo held at KLCC in May not too long ago..

Let me show you my lovely haul (yes.. the shopaholic in me >_<)

As you may know, I am currently taking makeup classes with Metamoff, so the instructor told us it was a good idea to check out IBE as a lot of the retailers were clearing stock as well as checking out new products.

Make up Case: Rm65.
Opens up to reveal ladder like case.

So far I have put the cosmetic box to good use. I don't have to lug around my different makeup and powders in small little bags here and there, which is a terrible sight when I head to class. The only downfall is that the cosmetic make up box is HEAVY! It is water proof however. 
Tsuya-Tsuya: RM200 for the entire set
I quite like the Pastel Pact and have been using it as a highlighter, and been using it in make up class. You will see pictures of it when I do my make up posts. I really like it as the powders has a really smooth texture, and yes, it is MADE in KOREA. 

The range of products from Tsuya - Tsuya is made in Korea. It is owned by a Singaporean chinese lady who married a South Korean man, who I am previously acquainted even before I went back to Sydney in 2010. 

Brushes- RM50
Shampoo- RM75 (For 5 bottles)
Eye Shadow: RM30
Okay, I have to say I am disappointed with the quality of the brushes. I didn't realise it, but my MUA friend, Za Yin, tells me that the quality of the brushes aren't really good... *regret*

However, the shampoo was a good buy. Such a good buy that I ended up selling one to Za Yin as she had run out of shampoos and I sold it to her coz I knew I wouldn't be able to finish four bottles of shampoo till at least the end of 2013!!

I have yet to try the eye shadow, coz I recently just received the Enuca one under MIVVA (June) Beauty Box. I think I will use the Enuca one as it is also made in South Korea, and *ahem ahem* I have to say made in South Korea make up products are good any time compared to those made in China. (not being biased, but it is a fact!)
RM70 - BodyYoung Gel Moisturiser

The Body Young range is also another range made in South Korea. You can imagine that for this round, IBE has brought in a lot of cosmetic and skincare companies from South Korea.

I have yet to use the Body Young moisturiser as I do not want to open it until I finish my current stash of face moisturisers.

There this is my haul and range of products I brought from IBE May 2013.

How about you? Did you attend the IBE this  year?

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LauraLeia said...

Nice haul! :D I also bought some stuff from IBE, but I focus mainly on nail art stuff because that's my interest. XD I agree, South Korean makeup/skincare is really good. I'm usually quite hesitant to use China-made ones, lol (not being discriminative, just personal view and experience)

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