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Bodycare: Ancient Thai @ Scotts Garden

Ooohhh I wonder what this place is? Looks very glamour....

This is a thai massage that my good friend, Hui Tzan and I always frequent. Located diagonally across the street from Taman Desa Maybank, along Old Klang Road, this salon is found on the 2nd floor of Scotts Garden.

This massage salon is slowly gaining popularity for its nourishing and relaxing thai massages.

Feet wash area (for those doing reflexology)

Sharon, one of the ladies at the front desk. She speaks Thai language as well.
Price Menus: 

Off peak period pricing of 30% is valid only with one hour sessions and are correct as at time of publishing:
10am-3pm: Daily
9pm-1am: Mondays to Thursdays. Promotion is not valid on weekends, Fridays, and public holidays from 1st July 2013 onwards.

Ambience: This place is quiet and soothing.

Massage style: This place is not bad. Most of my visits have ended very well. In comparison to Yage Massage in Taman Danau Desa, this is my better cup of tea.

What I like is how thai massages are performed using pressure points, and not through the typical chinese style of kneading which is pinching. Not only do I feel the latter is not economical on the strength expended, I feel it does not treat the aching areas of the body effectively.

I have really bad backs and pressure on waist, so the Thai style of massage really works well for me. The female thai therapists here are also quite strong, and able to perform their work well using their elbows to do the work.

Language wise, I would recommend that you tell the front desk person which body areas you would like the therapist to work on, and she will pass the instruction to the therapists. I would recommend this place for your massages, but try not to come during peak times. Oh, and tips are appreciated.

Please call before you go to check the latest promotions, and book your spots to avoid disappointments.

Ancient Thai
Tel: 03-79830306.

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