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Bag of Love : Unzipping June Summer Surprises 2013

Bag of Love: Summer surprises for June 2013
So I just received my first bag with Bag of Beauty in the mail recently.... I have read, and heard much about it.. So you guys curious to find out what's inside?

Let's find out together then....

liquids came wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent leakage.
Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24/PA++ (Full Size) RM15.90
 I was surprised to receive this body suncream.... but granted that this month's theme is "Summer", I shouldn't have been. 

Anyways, apart from using Vaseline's petroleum jelly, I don't actually use any of their other products. I would like to say I would be thrilled, but I just wasn't too thrilled to receive this body lotion. 

If I were in Australia, where everyone slathers on sun cream, I might have gladly taken to it.. but anyways, that's just me. 

Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo (Travel Size)
Full size is 250ml @ RM43.

Clairol Professional Color Radiance Intesive Mask (Travel Size)
Full size is 200ml @RM69.

I am actually quite thrilled to receive the hair products. and travel size at that. Heh. 

Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set
(Full size products range from RM69-RM169)

This I am assuming is another new korean brand launched, and now sold at Muse by Watsons. Okay, I have to say... not too thrilled to receive this trial set either since I have litres of more skincare trial sets at home.. if it was Amore Pacific's Sulwhasoo, I might have been more thrilled. LOL 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Spray
Full size is 100ml @RM185

..........  dunno what to say. I already have litres of EDT at home. Some more the ones from The Body Shop as well.

Definite Foundation Brush, (Full Size) @RM118.
I love makeup brushes... if I use this, it will be my third foundation brush. As of this time, I have not decided what to do with yet another foundation brush or just keep it away... Hmmm

Finally, the obligatory vouchers and Curators Card that come with beauty boxes (and bags...)

Okay, I do not have much use for most of those vouchers, except for the Curators Card that lets me know about which are the products for the June bag. 

My Feedback: 
Anyways, what I have learnt from subscribing to a few different beauty boxes this month is it would be better when one brand only supply samples to just one beauty boxes in the same month. Sure it is that they have a budget and would like to create exposure and awareness of their newly launched products. 

However I feel that it does not create that uniqueness or that 'special feel" for subscribers. Beauty brands should diversify the products they send out for samples, and think of a marketing plan in the long term, not just a short term gain.

After trying out Mivva June, Wonderbox June, and now Bag of Love, I have to say they are all good in their own way. Just that it is not financially viable to subscribe to too many beauty boxes as it takes a toll on your wallet. 

I do think that the bag idea works better than the box idea as I can put my stuff in it, and it makes carrying stuff easier. 

For now, I cant wait to try out Lilac Box. Heard so much about it, yeah, and I like their marketing campaign.

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Jean said...

agree with you that one brand should not be send out samples to too many beautybox company. lol

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