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Air Asia may exit joint venture with All Nippon Airway

I hope this does not mean that Air Asia may no longer fly to Japan
Me with pretty japanese ladies in Fukuoka (Jan 2008)
It is after all, just a management issue.. but like how they exited flying to London, (due to high taxes and cost), these are two separate issues. Hopefully....

With the recent announcement that Malaysian passport holders may no longer need to apply for a visa in future, it makes more reason for Air Asia to continue flying to Japan in future.

It seems that from July 2013 onwards, Japan has made a visa-free agreement with Malaysia. Whether this news is true, I have yet to confirm as I cant find any news on this in the Japan embassy website in Malaysia, although I have been told that this news was confirmed on local television a few days back.

Okay, I have to admit that I do not dare to fly to Japan any time soon (due to the ahem, ahem) the Fukushima disaster.

I did visit Fukuoka, and Tokyo in 2008, so I have kind of fulfilled that wish to visit Japan.. the only place I have yet to visit is Disneyland Japan. I would rather wait a few years more (maybe I have done my job and have a few kids first), but that does not mean I would not want to visit Japan again in future.... well, we shall see.
At a japanese temple @ Fukuoka 2008
In a japanese tea house @ Fukuoka 2008
Entrance of japanese temple @ Fukuoka 2008

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