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A Productive Sunday

Sunday was productive. I was able to complete a number of tasks through out the day.

1) Went with my cousin sister, Mabel to church cause she had to serve in the Taman Desa church, then we had lunch together in Taman Desa.

2) Went to the gym. I am going to True Fitness. 30 mins warm up, 1 hour circuit training.

3) Finally managed to get the old Technics EA-1 Organ moved out. The new pre-loved showroom model I bought, the Yamaha HE-4 which I bought at about Rm1,280 from my old music school, Isodes, will be coming home this week!

4) Practised two music pieces on the Yamaha PSR S950. The All The Way My Saviour Leads Me. 
Also learnt to use the Transpose function (zero to +2), whilst playing to the audio cd playing of I Love You Lord.

5) Finally turned on the Bahasa Indonesia gospel tracks that I bought from Surabaya.. Need to find some tracks for cell group who are preparing for a mission trip.

Productive? Well, since I wont be free tonight to practise the music pieces, had to do it  yesterday to make up for it. ^^

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