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999.9 Gold Price drops, but demand is hesitant.

When I checked my mail this morning, I was informed that gold price as CIMB GIA has dropped to as low as Rm134.40 as at 10am (Malaysian time) today.

Yesterdays pricing was Rm140.80, causing the difference today to be about Rm6! What an unbelievable difference!

Forbes reports that the demand for gold has returned with the price of gold dropping since Thursday, however, the response from buyers isnt as crazy as it was in April.

Personally as a buyer, I can attest to that. Having had a go at it in April, I now too am waiting to see if the price will drop even further before jumping in.

Buyers keeping an eye on the charts, will realise the price has remained steadily around the Rm140ish radius, and hasnt really moved up much or down.

Today is a good day to buy if you dont want to wait for the weekend. Then again, one cannot predict how the price will go. Its all a matter of luck.

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