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805 Suara Rakyat, Suara Keramat @ Kelana Jaya Stadium

 I am so proud to have been part of the crowd that gave their support to Pakatan at the Kelana Jaya stadium last night.

My timeline for the event:
Thousands of people thronged the stadium into this small stadium of 25,000 seating capacity.
Malaysiakini reports it as much as 120,000 persons made it..

I went with my brother (who drove). We picked up, Zayin, a friend from Taman Desa at 6.15pm. By the time we reached Federal Highway through Old Klang Road, there already was a traffic jam starting. 

Reached Paradigm Mall at about 7.30ish pm, and by that time there was close to no parking.

We were lucky to find a parking spot in Paradigm Mall. I had to skip dinner and bought some bread from the bakery. Hundreds of people were at Paradigm Mall, all dressed in black shirts, from all different races.

There was a slow rain drizzling. A number of people had brought rain coats. I brought an umbrella. I have to say that wasn't the best thing to carry about when you walk in a rally.

I didn't see any police, or KRU anywhere. (Although there were reports and photos on FB that there was a red watercannon truck parked somewhere)

I left with my brother at 10pm (he wanted to go home. LOL). According to Malaysia Kini, Anwar came out about 10:05pm. Pity.

It took us about one hour to leave Kelana Jaya stadium, and reach Paradigm Mall. Mind you, its only 700meters from the stadium to Paradigm Mall. There was human traffic at the exit of the stadium, and cars were double and triple parked at the residential areas. Only one road connected the mall to the stadium. There were people leaving, and there were people still coming in at this hour. That was why it was so congested.

Finally reached Paradigm Mall.

Finally reached home. Was already in bed by 12.05am.


Politics? Me?

I have to say that I am one of those who didnt attend any ceramahs, and certainly am not interested in politics. However what I read on Monday, reading that The Star had a heading of 'Chinese Tsunami' and Utusan Malaysia on Tuesday, was more than any normal person could take.

First there were the allegations that he current electoral is fraught with all kinds of allegations of vote buying, phantom voters, fearmongering, and all kinds of nonsense. Fine, there I was seemly okay with the Barisan Nasional won the elections.

But Najib decided to make it even worst, by trying to blame the loss of Barisan Nasional votes on the  Chinese. "Chinese Tsunami, and Greedy Malays" were his exact words. What would a normal rakyat of Malaysia feel at that point of time?

This morning, I woke up to see if there was any reports of the rally in The Star, Utusan, NST or on the news.. NIL.. there was nil.

So the mainstream print are happy about publishing on front page news that talk about how bad the chinese are, how greedy the malays are, but when it is something related to how united the rakyat, there is nothing... What the?

People Telling Me It is NOT my Fight:

When some people heard that I might be deciding to attend the rally, the first thing that they said was:
This is not your fight. Because it would harm your family, your relatives, and their careers. That it not my concern, and I shouldnt get involved.

Others said, oh, PAS supports Hudud, that is why I support Barisan Nasional. You should also support BN because they don't support Hudud. Then they continued saying that Anwar is wrong for asking a vote recount, and he isn't entitled to it.

My explanation:

Are these people HYPOCRITES?? Are these people telling me they are not a rakyat of Malaysia?? That they condone blatant wrongdoing in the electoral system? Corruption is as worst as any crime
What I see is a Barisan Nasional govt made up mostly of UMNO party being the head, where the rest of the other ethnic groups do not have a voice being heard.
I hear the rakyat's calls of their needs being sidelined, or them not being given the opportunity for higher education in a political environment that does not favour meritocracy, and non muslims not having business opportunities. Even urban malays realise that they are being taken for a ride by the the UMNO party.

That to me is worst than hudud. if the Opposition was in power, and doing the same, I would also stand up against them. i can no longer ignore the cries of the rakyat who cry out against corruption and wrong doing in this country.

It is in the constitution that party candidates are allowed a recount within 21 days, and it is our right as rakyat to clean elections. There is nothing wrong in asking for a recount, and is within the rights of the provision.
How can anyone sit back and let corruption in the system and let these governors take you for a ride? All I can say is, if you dont want to go and give support, that is fine. But do not tell people to not fight for what is right because they themselves are too scared and frightened to go out and give their support!

I say enough is enough. Rakyat of Malaysia, it is time to take up arms and stand up for your rights. Empower yourself, and let our voices be heard.

I support Pakatan, and I give my support to Anwar Ibrahim as leader of Pakatan to ask for an vote recount of results for General Elections 13.

Rakyat, It IS Time to move.

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