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Scones @ MJ Cafe, Jaya 33.

A couple of week back, sometime in late April, I found this place not too long ago after I decided to join True Fitness in Jaya 33. It is a nondescript looking cafe which serves local food, western and asian cuisine.

The only item on the menu that actually caught my eye was among the smaller items.

The scones and jam.

Say what? I love scones. and I love coffee.

This diner serves the best tasting scones I have tasted since I came back from Sydney.

Scones with whipped cream and strawberry jam on the side (RM3.80)

Retailing at RM3.80 (excluding Service Charge yet), the scones are hand made in the cafe. I believe it is actually baked by the Indonesian lady who works there.

Surprise, surprise?

At most cafes, like Gloria Jeans (Midvalley) and some other places (I can't remember where), I have found that they heat up their scones using the microwave.

This particular cafe heats theirs up the conventional way. Using the oven. As a result, when the scones are served, it is piping hot, and warm. and soft. YUM.

Soft oven baked and heated scones. YUM
Hmm maybe I should go and learn how to bake scones instead of going around looking for them, isn't it? >_<

MJ Cafe
Ground floor, Jaya 33.
Tel: 03-7954 8188

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