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R2 Hair Saloon @ Taman Danau Desa

So the 13th General Elections has come and gone. Barisan Nasional won. To me it doesn't really matter who won, but what really riled me up is the dirty tricks they have used to win.... I am quite disheartened, but life has to go on.

About a fortnight ago, one sunny Friday afternoon, I decided to go and have a hair cut. My hair has been bugging me for the longest time as it was getting really long, and had no shape of any kind.. and the weather has been hot lately.

One of my friends suggested this hair salon, R2 Hair Saloon. It is located beside the Fish Head Noodle Shop in Taman Danau Desa. I tried googling for this place, but it didnt turn up in any of the searches.

Chairs, Mirrors and stuff.. 
Old price list. Mine was RM42 for wash, cut and blow.
Kenny, the hairstylist, comedian, and entertainer.

When Kenny asked me what kind of look I wanted to get, my answer was:
Please do something so my face looks a little less fat. 

His reply was, You are not fat. Your hair is straight, it has no style and perhaps thats why you think it makes you look fat. I will do a V design for you so, and something different from what you are used to. Your job is to sit tight and just enjoy the ride. 

(Okay he didnt' exactly say this, coz everything was said in Cantonese, and I am just paraphrasing everything into English).
My Before Look: He said I look like auntie wor.. 
My Before Look Hair Length
My After Hair Cut Look: Layers and bercabang cabang. LOL
My After Hair Cut Look
From a distance.  What do you think?
My hairstyle the next day with make up on.
From a distance.. 
Kenny has been relocated back to the HQ salon in OUG. However, another team of hair stylists have been sent from HQ to manage the outlet in Taman Danau Desa.

If you like Kenny's workmanship from my pictures and want his contact details, please leave a comment here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, can i have kenny contact details?Went to his shop that day, just realise he has relocated else where.

CY said...

his number is : 0122693182


Anonymous said...

tq =)

Eu Kien said...

He is one of the best hair cutter I ever met xD
He make me look better but after he relocated, I went to so many saloon but not one of the saloon I like xD I like him because he knows how to make me look nice. I hope I can go to your saloon one day :D

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