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MIVVA: Mother's Day Beauty Box (May 2013)

So after a few weeks (and months) I finally decided to take the plunge in April, and decided to make a 3 month subscription to Mivva after reading reviews on Beauty Boxes.. tum tum tum.....

This is a simple post on my first beauty box from Mivva.. the Mother's Day edition of the Mivva Box 2013...

List of little goodies and cards that came in the box. 
A number of cards... There was the Mother's Day..
Okay, with the Mother's Day card, I actually decided to just write in it, and gave it to my mother... so it's now lying in her room.. on the dressing table. ^^

Some vouchers from Mary Chia, Garden of Eden- Jojo E, and Skinlab. 
O'slee Rosehip Hydra-White, Nature's Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub & Garden of Eden Jojo E. 

A little mini cup, and a number of mini sized products from Aupres, 
and sachets of RGII Deep Wrinkle Cream (Somang Danahan), 
and a bar of handmade soap from Claire Organics.  

My Impressions: 
I don't have much use for beauty services vouchers as I tend to not change facial services much. I will  probably pass the vouchers to my brother, and male colleagues (surprise, surprise!) who enjoys trying out new skincare services as well as products. LOL.

The mini sized cleansing powder, scrubs, and oils would useful when I head to the gym. For me, I normally use mini sized products when I go out on trips, the gym, as they are light enough to be carried out and put in my travel and gym bags. So those are my trial times.

I have yet to use any of the products except for the Mother's Day card.. I wouldnt mind giving the box to my mother, but she herself has too many items in her room to want mine.. (she prefers cheesecake, that's why I made her one. LOL).

So what do you think? 
Would you go for it?

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