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Metamoff Gallery: One Eye Shadow Colour Application

Last Saturday, I attended my 4th Make up lesson with TY at Metamoff Gallery. The focus of the day's lesson is application of one eye shadow colour.

There were only three students who attended the day's morning class, hence TY was really really free to chat.

As per this entry, I had asked TY about the Bobbi Brown colours she used. We talked a lot about Bobbi Brown, as she was one of their avid fans and user, and she had a lot of experience dealing with them as a Make Up artist herself.
TY's Bobbi Brown eye shadow sample she got free. 
It comes with three colours: White/Malted/Espresso. 
My before look. Scary?? Ha ha.
My after look.  Looks a lot better. LOL
Colours used for the eyes today.
Eye Make up Used today:
1. Eye Liner - MAC Gel Fluidline (Black Track) 
2. Eye Base: Shades (light Green) 
3. Eye Shadow: MAC- (Sable)
 4. Highlighting for eyes: Lancome (Pale Moon Rising)
5. Eye shadow: for bottom outer corner: Maybelline (black)
6. Mascara: Maybelline Magnum Waterproof(Black)

Steps for today's eye makeup: 
1. Apply the eyeshadow on the middle, then sweeping from left to right.
2. Apply highlight under brow bone and blend
3. Apply a bit of dark eye shadow on bottom outer corner of eye liner
4. Redraw eye liner
5. Mascara
Makeup products used today.
Primer products used: 
1. Sothys- Hydra Protective (Normal to Combination skin)
2. Laneige- Hydra Solution Eye Cream

Make up products used for today's look:
1. Eyebrow: Avon Glimmer Sticks- (dark brown)
2. Concealer: Shades (dark brown)
 3. Foundation: Missha BB Cream (No. 23)
4. Concealer: Shades (pale brown)
5. Powder: - MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder - Bobbi Brown Warm Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation(4.5)
7. Shading on nose bridge, chin and side of cheeks: Inouvi (Eye Shadow- Earth)
8. Blusher: Shades (Eyeshadow- Fawn)
9. Highlighting on nose bridge, under eye: Love Alpha Meteorite (06)

Some of my mates said I had to work a little more on my eye colours. Which is true... haha.. I keep smudging them, and hence the less than bright area around the eye areas. LOL.

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