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Malaysia's International Gifts & Premiums Expo (MIGP Expo)

Looking for gifts? Look no further. 

The MIGP Expo 2013 is back!!! 

Who knows, maybe you know someone who needs corporate gifts, wedding favor gifts or party ideas who will be able to benefit from this. Anyone who wants to start a business selling or planning parties could also come to this expo. Beauty & bath makers can come have a look to see if they could buy packaging for their products. The gift ideas are unlimited!

IF YOU WANT TO DELIGHT SOMEONE, GIVE THEM A GIFT. This saying is a driving force in the gift and premium industry. The art of gifting has been practiced on a personal and corporate level. Companies present gifts and premiums to show their appreciation to their customers and partners as well as for branding and incentive programs.
MIGP Expo 2013 is making its comeback as the 3-day intensive business gathering for gift & premium suppliers to showcase their latest range of products to potential customers from the corporate and public sector. It is the event where potential buyers visit to source for new gift ideas and meet the industry suppliers face-to-face.
Date:13-15 MAY 2013 (Monday - Wednesday)
Time :10.00am - 6.00pm
Venue : Hall 4, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center
For more information visit

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