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Kinohimitsu: The Beauty and the Bliss workshop

Kinohimitsu recently had a get to know their products workshop recently for bloggers (yes, aren't we special??) ^^. It was held on a weekday morning at Boulevard hotel, just next to Mid Valley Mega Mall.

Display table with Kinohimitsu Collagen products
Participants registered at the counter with the friendly staff on arrival. The workshop was slated to start at 10.30am. Some of the other bloggers were late as there was another clashing event around the same time.

Front counter with friendly staff
Stationary for participants to take notes
Here is some information I took away from the interactive workshop:

* Taken from japanese, Kino means plant. Himitsu means secret. Translated, Kinohimitsu would mean "secret of the plants". This brand is managed by Kino Biotech, a public listed Co. Ltd in Taiwan, with its head office in Singapore. 

* This brand won the 2012 BIFD Awards, and is endorsed by their brand ambassadors, namely, Vicky Zhao (from Taiwan), Tavia Yeung, and Andy Hui (from Hong Kong), and also The Wonder Girls (from South Korea). 

* They also meet International Standards for HACCP, GIMP, and meets the islamic authorities for Halal consumption of the product. 

* Collagen loss starts at the age of 20 onwards.  

* The person's need of collagen varies and is dependent on their age, size as well as dietary requirements and allergies. 

* There are 5 key points in choosing the right type of collagen intake. Namely, the right amount, molecule size, source of collagen, formula & technology, & absorption ability

Goodie bags for participants to take home and try
the goodness of  Kinohimitsu's products. Yeah!! 

Facebook Link: Kinohimitsu Malaysia
Official website: Kinohimitsu


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