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Events: Yadah 1st Birthday 2013 @ Cheras Leisure Mall

Last Saturday, Yadah had their 1st Anniversary Birthday celebration. The celebration took place in Cheras Leisure Mall.
Yeoreobeon, oseo osayo!! (means: everyone, welcome!)
Yadah is a skincare brand from South Korea.  It is currently retailing in the beauty and skincare outlets of SASA.

There were a number of promotions and discounts on that day, if I remember correctly, i.e free dips on purchases of RM50 and above. However I was already up to my neck on skincare products at this time, and had to pass on it... ^^

Skincare products on display
The girls managing the Korean Hanbok stall. Each try for Rm5 only.  
Nail colour services for RM5 from SNIPS.
Modelling bag from PG Mall. 
Pretty girls in hanbok. ^^

Hot chicks. ;-)
More pretty girls with long, slender legs. No need shy shy!
Birthday cake for the cheeky Yadah girl.
My goodie box. Ahem.
Samples to try (I will probably use it when I go to the gym!) 
I had to pass on the nail services as I had just cut my nails the night before. >_<

Overall, it was a good attempt by the marketing team from Yadah for its first birthday event.

What would make the event more memorable would be to create a private event for bloggers, as personally, I felt there was not much interaction or activities for bloggers to participate in. It was initially an invite only by registration event, but it turned into a free for all public to enter at the end.

Activity wise, as some of the other bloggers have noted, the modelling event for the bags took the focus off from Yadah, and almost eclipsed the entire party. Poor Yadah, I hope you are not crying in the corner...

Finally, I would like mention the birthday cake... the cake looks lovely, however a little less cream would make the cake more tasty. I did enjoy the tuna sandwiches, and helped myself to a few servings. ^^


Sabrina Tajudin said...

i love the sandwich too! <3
did not get a chance for the cupcakes... hehe....

CY said...

I was busy munching on the tuna sandwiches as well.. >_<

did not try the cupcakes either.. but that is okay.. ^^

illy ariffin said...

glad that you had fun.. since it is their first birthday, I believe there its like a learning curve for them.. Hopefully better experience next time :)

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

LOL! My legs fat ahhhhh!!
BTW it was really nice to finally meet you!

HerYuan Lau said...

so cute! some get to wear handbok! :D

Emily said...

so fast u posted...i also think that little bit of messy like what u mentioned> letting public joining at the end and charge blogger's money for all services provided while we doing blogpost promoting for them?

Cindy Tong said...

Actually blogger no charge right? Only for manicure yes.? Hanbok n rings are free..

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