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Eats: Go Burger Kitchen GBK @ Setiawalk, Puchong

One cool Friday evening, a number of us were invited under Foodirector, and Rao, the owner of Go Burger Kitchen to check out their newly opened establishment.

Located at Setiawalk on the First Floor, this place was a bit off the beaten track, with one flight of stairs up. Yes, it took me a while to look for it... so keep your eyes peeled for Block G-1 if you are wanting to check this place out.

 this non halal burger diner will have celebrated its first month anniversary by the time this post is up.

My drink whilst waiting....

Happening group of reviewers playing with their toys whilst hungrily waiting....
Front of the diner. 
Interesting paraphanelia on the wall. 
Golden frog welcoming prosperity. 
Statement boards to motivate you.
Check out the kitchen, babe. 
Rao, the illustrious 26 year old chef and owner. 
Standing menu
Chalk board painted wall menu with chalkboard prices and illustrations.  Heh.
The more premium burgers. ^^
Go! Wings- RM13.90
I did not get to try the Go! Wings. Apparently it was a bit dry, when the other participants tried it, so Rao has taken it off the menu for the time being.

Das Numburger- RM35
The Das Numburgerwith a 5 oz schnitzel patty, bacon (meat type you pick), cheese and some other stuffing. Didn't manage to try this sadly and just watch on whilst the others tried.. *sob sob sob*. 

All burgers comes with a serving of chips on the side, but for illustration purpose of this blog,they are served on a white plate for viewing purposes. 

Go Chicken- RM18

Closer look at the Go! Chicken burger... 
This Go! Chicken burger was lovely. It was tangy, and nice with a serving of chips in its basket.

The Hungry Hog- RM25

Cross -section of The Hungry Hog
Rao says that this is among the favourite larger sized orders of customers when they come in. It comes with two pork patties (4 oz) with a slice of torched cheese in between. 

Swiss Piggy- RM20
This was my order. Heh. I ordered the Swiss Piggy as I was counting calories (supposed to be 500 calories per meal) as it was a single pork patty, caramelized onions, and cheese and mushroom sounded a 'lil healthy. 
The burger wasn't too bad, and quite filling. 

Go! Vege- RM15
Another healthy alternative for those on a vegetarian diet, and counting calories. This burger uses a single hash brown torched with a slice of cheese and cut tomato. Interesting idea for use as a patty... (I can curi the idea when I make my own burgers.. lol)

This burger is currently being revamped (as at timing of this entry) and has been taken out of the menu. 

El Cherizo
Cross-section of the El-Chorizo
The burger with chorizo sausage as a patty, pringles, and salsa. This is also an interesting combination, and my first time encountering such a combination..(having no idea what chorizo sausages mean). The taste was interesting, in the sense I have no idea how to put it into words, but the taste isn't too bad either. >_<

The Goblin-RM27

Cross-section of The Goblin 
Another yummy burger (I heard it was good) which I did not get to try either.

Its served with a beef cheese mash-up patty (if I remember rightly) , and with spinach-mustard sauce combination. Personally, I am not a fan of veges (of any kind) but the participants seemed to enjoy this particular burger a lot. 

Kids' Menu Promotion! 
Rao is introducing the kids menu this weekend. The promotion goes where children eat free with a purchase of one regular priced burger. 

Beta-Stage: The owner, Rao has admitted that the recipes for his burgers are still in the beta-stage. The chalkboard menu has undergone many changes in its one month since opening. 

Rao is committed to ensuring the best dining experience for his customers. Hopefully by the time we come in the next time (perhaps in a couple of weeks down the road), we would get a different a much more improved menu. 

Price Discount for all Kaleidoscope Adventurer readers!
The owner, Rao has kindly offered 10% discount for all customers who quote this blog. Please quote  "Kaleidoscope Adventurer". The discount only applies for normal ala carte burger orders.  

For updates, please check out GBK at their Facebook Page.

G-5-1 Setiawalk,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,

Opening Hours: 12pm- 11pm.
Closed every Monday.

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