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Eats: Flat White coffee @ Secret Recipe, Sunway Pyramid.

By now, my readers should be able to guess that I am a fan of espresso drinks...

My next hot drink adventure took place at a name that many urbanites would be familiar with, Secret Recipe. This is a local home brand halal diner that started out with their signature black, and white coffee before espresso drinks were introduced and became popular. My mom would order that when she went there, an the memory of that white coffee alway lingered till this day.

I was in Sunway Pyramid sometime in late April for an appointment, and a meeting was set in Secret Recipe. 
Flat White (Rm6.80)

Ice Blended Caramel (RM8.80)

a mini caramel pitcher

Food Rating:
Looking through the menu, I saw a number of espresso drinks, but the only one which caught my attention was the flat white, and caramel drinks. I was trying to decided which drinks to order , as the price difference wasn't too wide.  I finally decided on the flat white (Rm6.80) as it didn't look too decadently fattening... LOL
My companion, Andrew, ordered the Ice Blended Caramel (Rm8.80).
When my order came, I added one sachet of sugar. Andrew helped me order some caramel sauce, which I added to the flat white (I have a sweet tooth, what can I say?)
LOL Andrew found the taste of his coffee okay. I am not too sure if the coffee left an impression on him, but he drank most of it. He ordered his without whipped cream on top.
Price: Secret Recipe charges for 10% Service Charge and 6% GST

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