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Eats: BBQ Thai @ Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.

So on Sunday, Tzan decided that we should all try out the non-halal thai place at Old Klang Road. If you are wondering, its about less than 5 minutes away from Mid Valley.

Apparently this place has been spoken much about, so the girls wanted to try out this place... When we arrived, the place was packed... there was no parking space, so we had to go and park (in some illegal spot near the main road...Ok, you heard it here first!)
The purple neon lights ...
Nice lights in bottles.
Thats how long to wait on a busy weekend.
Handsome waiters back.
Interesting hand sink
Everything in red...
Signage for your knowledge.
Post box.
Now you see everything in yellow...

Dim lighting for romantic moments...

Nice lights in big bottles.
People busy eating..
The pink menu
Girls deciding what to order.. 
Closer look at menu...

Plates and cutlery.
Spicy spicy Tom Yam Goong...
Yum Yum
Spicy spicy Paku Pakis belacan..
Some sort of fried chicken
Some sort of soft taufu ala chinese style
Mango slice red ruby ais kacang dessert
Mok Suee -- umm I am guessing sweet potato- no one knew the name in English.
Bill up to RM107.15.. even bill was in chinese... how la?
Seriously speaking, the place did not really catch my attention. My mates thought the decor was creative in the way they used normal everyday things to create the dining in environment. 

Or maybe it was just me, on a rainy day, and we had to cramp into the small covered roofed area for dinner. I aint exactly feeling on top of the world as I write this now. A mate noted that the place isn't very practical during rainy days.

Parking was a little difficult to come by especially on weekends, so you may want to consider coming on weekdays and non peak hours. But as Tzan puts it, it wouldnt have that "glamour" factor if it wasnt busy, and had no parking spots.

Main Dishes: 
The food was okay la...  Personally, I enjoyed the spicy and generous amounts of Paku Pakis Belacan. I like that one very much. I thought the Tom Yam Goong was fairly tasty. 

The soft taufu ala chinese style, and fried chicken did not leave much of a memory in taste however.

Everyone chomped down on the mango sliced red ruby easily. The Mok Suee- Sweet potato something took a bit of coaxing from all of us. I didnt' take much bites out of it...  

Price: The bill came up to RM107.15 for four persons with about 4 main dishes, 2 desserts, rice and pandan tinged water. I thought it was okay (about RM26 ish p/person). We dont do this very often, so paying a little more for meals every now and then is okay. 

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